Entry 1 - Day 1

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Entry 1 - Day 1

Post by Fluttershy[Ditz] on Wed Mar 20, 2013 4:00 pm

---Pony Hypnosis Journal - Entry One - Day One---

So... today was kinda interesting... I listened to the Rainbow Dash files a couple of times, and was really starting to enjoy the relaxed feelings coming out of trance. I can also swear I've felt myself 'grow' hooves before, but never any real substantial physical changes.

It was recommended that I talk to someone named "CallMeDash". Apparently he's a Rainbow Dash hypno user who's gotten pretty far with it. I queried him on the IRC and he seemed rather nice. He also recommended that I take a pony personality test just to make sure I was doing the right pony (apparently it's better to do hypnosis for a pony that you already have a lot in common with). Upon taking the test, I did end up receiving Rainbow Dash as my "Pony you are most like!" I also have reason to believe that the results of this have been greatly influenced the past couple days by my coming into ownership of a my little pony minecraft server that I've frequented for two years though called "Ponycraft" (Yes, I have relations with the more "cancerous" side of the fandom too. Problem?) though, and Fluttershy was an extremely close second. I'm really not a big fan of Rainbow Dash, that was just the file I picked up, and I figure it won't hurt to try another, so I'll be switching to Fluttershy for a while. We'll see what that's like, and if I find it more agreeable, I might even stick with it.

Yay for switching things around!

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