25 Conflicting occurences

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25 Conflicting occurences

Post by Hard Knocks on Wed Aug 07, 2013 9:11 am

Oh boy two interesting things to talk about today, a weird one and a good one.

Weird thing
 Me and Posh agreed to try switching last night, in retrospect not smart considering I had hurt my back and jaw really bad. That alone gave me problems getting relaxed, but eventually I managed. Stayed laid down like that for what felt like about 15 minutes, and then I suddenly couldn't feel the pain in my shoulders. I tried to open my eyes and couldn't, tried movig my hands, nothing. I then tried to talk to Posh and heard my voice try to reply but instead just made a little ow type noise. I told Posh she shouldn't try to move with my body, and be careful when she talked. I asked if she knew I was hurt and she said she did, so I guess she couldn't feel any pain that happened to me, or the temperature because she made a remark about how cold my room is. After she got used to the passive pain she started to use my hands, tapping the fingers together and grabbing with them. It was a little awkward so I'm guessing she also didn't tap into my mind to figure out how to use them. She asked if it was ok to try to stand up, I asked her to get on the side with pillows on the ground so she wouldn't get hurt if she fell. She did fall sure enough, and unfortunately caught herself with her hands which caused severe pain. Thats when we switched again, I think just from me forcing my way back in more then anything. She didn't need to deal with that pain, and trust me it was bad. Afterwards she started talking to me again and was crying herself. She wasn't used to pain, and was sorry for hurting me. I told her it was ok and that the pain doesn't bug me to calm her down, worked a bit but when I laid down to go bed I had that feeling she was hugging me again, but alot more cautiously. We plan to try again when I'm not dinged up, but still for the first try I think we did pretty good.

Good thing
 Onto hypno yay! I finally had a full quadruped feeling, and I mean it took me a minute to figure out how to walk normally again. I had a particularly strong session, possibly because during it I was trying to comfort Posh so maybe that put me into full Flutter mode. Whatever did it I'm glad it happened. I felt everything so vividly, ears were there and moved, muzzle was solid, my eyes felt bigger and I could see in full color again, hooves and legs all set in and felt right, I could feel my mane moving when I walked against wind, tail could move, and the wings were strong and easily moved. It was great, and for the time I was still figuring out how to walk I could still most of the changes, except the eyes (Which upset me. I miss normal colors). I was so happy to have that happen to me, and since I managed to calm Posh down I felt incredible. Posh did make a couple remarks about it too, thanking me for talking with her, mentioning the pony form, and snickering at my inability to walk. Anyways, I want to try the trigger soon. Up until now I've been nervous to try it and what it might do, but now I feel confident about it and with Posh here to help me I really think it will go well.

Good to see progress,
   Flutter Vi and Posh

P.S. Sorry to anyone who read this before I edited it. I was tired, you didn't need to read that bit.
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