entry 8- back to the ol' squeaker

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entry 8- back to the ol' squeaker

Post by KrazyDashie on Sat Aug 10, 2013 8:35 am

heya everypony!

missed a session yesterday... anyhoof, I felt hooves during my session! and, I felt em for 5 seconds after! (no hooflock tho? :/) and, if u are wondering wat the title says, I got my squeaky and cracky voice again! but its getting more on the scratchy side, than my voice with pinkie. my parents are starting to notice a change too. cuz my voice is deeper than usual, and now its getting scratchy and cracky and high pitched Toungue im starting to get random dreams now and then, all about me being rainbow dash and either me at school, or in ponyville. game wise now! so im playing a game of WoWP (world of warplanes if u don't know) and im starting to get competitive on there too. before its usually one kill and a death (by ramming another plane >.<) now its 3 kills and usually live. and im starting to scream at my computer screen too xD

up on her cloud,
-krazy dash


-stay awesome :3
- [keeeepppp smiling :DD]
-{eat muffins ;D}

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