entry 9- some normal stuffs

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entry 9- some normal stuffs

Post by KrazyDashie on Tue Aug 13, 2013 10:36 am

hay everypony!

so, I missed a few days of hypno... (which wont happen again.. xP) anyhoof, I seem to be feeling legs and arms and hooves a lot now.. I not sure about my my wings, but I still feel that funny feeling on my back (who knows if that's my wings) anyhoof, so, gamming news! im starting to gets good at halo now.... im starting to get 1st place on my team or 1st place in regiside (I forgot how to spell it xD) my brother is really raging at me cuz I keep winning against him on 1 vs. 1 on halo XDD anyhoof, I also am starting to get thoughts about derpy. im starting to have that feeling of missing her. and I also have that feeling of miss to fluttershy. anyhoof, that's all!

up on her cloud,
-krazy dash


-stay awesome :3
- [keeeepppp smiling :DD]
-{eat muffins ;D}

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