Entry 9 - Day 12

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Entry 9 - Day 12

Post by Fluttershy[Ditz] on Mon Mar 25, 2013 12:11 pm

---Pony Hypnosis Journal - Entry Nine - Day Twelve---

Today was both wonderful and horrifying. I got to talk to Foxxxy (who, to be honest, always scared me in the past) for a good seven or eight hours, and that was wonderful. She has most relaxing and caring voice. I could listen to her talk for days. I also became complete Fluttershy for the first time ever because of her.

Foxxxy does what are called “sessions”. A session basically entails Foxxxy reading the hypnosis script of “your pony” to you. Because of Foxxxy’s expertise in hypnosis and her intimate knowledge of the scripts and how they’re supposed to be read, her sessions generally end in a complete transformation for the inductee. This means that they become their pony. They believe that they are a pony both physically and mentally.

I had asked for a session Monday, but Foxxxy was unable to help me then, so we decided to try again today. Today was ACT testing for the juniors at my high school, so it was the perfect time for me and I enthusiastically woke up early to get somewhere with wifi. Unfortunately, because my home life is far from Fluttershy friendly, the best place was a nearby McDonalds. After some discussion we decided that McDonalds was not a good place for me to become full Fluttershy though, so we spent the first 2~ hours just talking. Eventually I think we both decided “what the hell”, and began discussing possible doing a session anyway. Eventually, I ended up in one of the small, soundproof practice rooms at my almost eerily quiet school. So, in the dark, with only hopes and a piano for company, I subjected myself to Foxxxy’s voice.

It was dark, so very dark. During the awakening, I became aware that I had left the lights out. It turns out that Fluttershy-me is afraid of the dark. In a panic, I snapped completely out of trance and tried to get up to turn the lights on.

“It’s so very hard for you to stand on two legs...”

What ended up happening instead, is that I fell back to all fours and my phone (that I was running my call with Foxxxy on) hit the ground and the battery popped out. I quickly navigated to the light switch, and by rearing up against the wall for support, managed to flip it. Then I tried to get the call back.

“Your new, beautiful hooves...”

It was impossible to reassemble my phone with hooves, so I instead ended up pulling out my laptop and eventually managing to log in and resume the call. Foxxxy quickly finished the awakening and then spent the next thirty minutes trying to console the shaking, rather scared, Fluttershy pony that I had become.

Sometime between entering the practice room and getting to a rational post-hypno state, ACT testing finished and the orchestra had gathered together in the band room (directly outside the practice room) to practice for the upcoming musical. I was starting to get rather nervous, but with some help from Foxxxy, I was able to use muscle memory to get back to walking on two legs (though shakily). I found that it hurt my head though, and made me lose the ability to walk though, if I thought about it. So I plugged into my music and used that as a catalyst to stand between my thoughts and my legs.

Somewhere in my head, I had got to thinking that the orchestra would be composed of just a few people leisurely playing instruments in a circle. I was somewhat unprepared to walk out of the practice room not only to find that it was composed of 50~ students from the orchestra, band, and percussion, but that for whatever reason, they were organized to face the wrong side of the room so that I walked out right in front of them.

I froze. I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t think about anything except the dozens of eyes, staring directly at me.

Then the director (who knew me) called my name. My human name. For those of you who don’t know, while under the effects of strong hypnosis like that from a session, it is extremely confusing and weird to be called by another name than your “own” (in my case, Fluttershy). Suddenly it didn’t matter that I was listening to music anymore, I just couldn’t take it. I fell to the ground, finding it “so very hard to stand on two legs”.

Now I was under heavy Fluttershy hypnosis, confused, and surrounded by dozens of concerned, amused, and familiar faces. I couldn’t take it. I stood up and ran all the way back to McDonalds. I don’t even remember the trip, just that somehow I was able to make it back.

The rest of my day thus far has been fairly uneventful- and even pleasurable while talking to Foxxxy, but I’m terrified to go back to school tomorrow. Because tomorrow, I have to face all those people, and as Fluttershy, I don’t know if I can deal with it.

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.

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