36 Hitting the books

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36 Hitting the books

Post by Hard Knocks on Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:11 pm

Only a bit in the actual hypno today, mostly just tulpa stuff and a bit of misc stuff.

Hypno stuff

Not much, had a fairly bad couple sessions today. I was sick all morning, so I did one at about noon. Not alot, had difficulty imposing (Is that the word?) myself, although I could still feel hooves, loss of balance, ears, and tail. The last one of the day was a bit better, probably because I wasn't worried about someone interrupting me. Managed to stay in the wonderland, for once all by myself which was nice. I still love to be with Posh and Gypsy, but it felt really good to just wander around alone and focus on the changes. I felt almost everything, felt the wind in my coat and mane, wings lifting to catch the breeze, and a bit embarrassed to share this bit but since it was the first time I felt this it is significant, felt a pony rear end. Everything stay so calm and comforting, the voice seemed to only remind me of what was already there. Only thing off was when I flew over a stream, I looked down and saw my mixed eyes. They were certainly pony eyes, but still the left one was that grayish white color I have in real life. I wasn't really bothered by it though, for a moment I actually thought it looked kind of cute.

Tulpa stuff

Forcing was more productive, The first time was for Posh. Gypsy was asleep, so me and Posh had a chance to go and sit at a little ruin type thing in the wonderland that was a short distance away from a waterfall. We just sat and enjoyed each others company, and the nice scenery. Although she did make mention of school, coming up on August 20th, and said she was worried about how I would react to the crowded halls and rude people. I convinced her not to worry, especially now that I can try to go to our wonderland. With her comforted, she got onto books. Turns out she is a bit of a Twilight, really wants me to read alot more which I can thanks to a kindle my uncle from my bio mom's side that will be getting here the day school starts. We decided on a collection of HP Lovecraft books and a little known book I really love: REM world. Then later in the day Gypsy woke up and I decided to force with her, and she had Posh tag along because she wanted to bring out their pets to play with each other. She settled on a little playground and let Phaze into a sandbox with Tinder (Posh's cat, I don't think I shared his name yet) and sat down next to me and Posh. She also had worries about school, asking me not to bite off more then I can chew and not to worry about forcing with her and Posh. I told her not to worry, and I'll probably try to get her to pay attention is some of my classes too. And then let her know about the kindle, she wants magic based fantasy so I might finally read something akin to Lord of the Rings. Oh and before I forget, I learned what age Gypsy's form is, 23. And she didn't know what 'To be of age' meant (Don't ask IRC caused it) and wouldn't leave me be until I told her. She is now scared of anypony claiming to be Molestia. I'll try to calm her down about it more tomorrow, although Posh admitted to having a laugh at her freaking out about it.

Misc stuff

Most of this is already covered, getting a kindle so I'll finally start reading again after a two year break (No libraries or bookstores and the school's books are kind of gross). And school, I have most of my schedule planned and sadly I'm forced into culinary again, I wouldn't mind but I can't work well with other people in the kitchen and the chef always puts me on dishes. Which is odd because I'm the only one who can do a one man job alone, normally it takes three people to chop onions. And they complain about tearing up, even a Fluttershy like me can take it, the pansies. Finally my dog problems, I've gotten alot better. I can stay around big dogs now, as long as they don't run to me or make me think they are going to bite. I've even started letting my little dog Scrap stay in my room when I sleep, turns out he is alot like Fern! Just a little sweetheart, even though he may look a bit rough.

I hope I can change electives,
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Re: 36 Hitting the books

Post by Capt on Sun Aug 18, 2013 11:11 pm

Well, it sounds like it was a mixed bag, but I'm glad there was some good stuff in there =3
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