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41 Helping hoof

Post by Hard Knocks on Sun Aug 25, 2013 2:32 pm

I have great news today, and I've also learned a little bit about Mister last night.

Hypno stuff

This where the great news is, yesterday my family as out almost all day so I had free roam on what to do. I decided on some early hypno and a short drive to visit my biological mom who I haven't been able to go and visit lately. Now a bit of background on her, while she is a great mother, knowing it was the right thing to give me up and all, but she has fallen into some bad habits. She is a drug abuser, and always tries to bottle her emotions, as you can guess thats not the healthiest mix. And since I was still in a bit of a flutter mood I wanted to try and help her. When I first arrived she was zoned out on her sofa, I think she took some pain pills so I waited for a while so she could clear up. We caught up, she was glad to hear I'm in all my art classes and still cooking, although a little sad I didn't bring her favorite mini tarts, and I hinted a little at hypno ('I found a way to help me start showing emotions, and being a little more sensitive about them') which she was glad to hear, she knew about my emotionless thing. She hasn't been up to much sadly, same job, no new furniture, nothing. To occupy ourselves I brought some ingredients over so we could cook together, I made some of her tarts and she made some strawberry cupcakes, and when we finished we at down and I asked her why she does all the drugs she does. She said it was because she needs them, and almost as soon as she finished she broke down a little, so I got up and hugged her. Then she just fell apart, apologizing for lying to me, for giving me up, and so on. I couldn't really think of anything to say so I just kept hugging her saying it is ok, eventually she got to her life on it's own. She didn't like taking all the drugs, felt useless, and some other stuff she wouldn't want me sharing. I offered to help as much as I could, she almost begged me to so I started talking to her about her drug thing. She didn't take many but took them regularly so I told her to cut down bit by bit, asked her to take care of Fern for a while too so she didn't feel so empty having a cat around. She agreed not to get many cats too, so once I know she can take care of Fern I'll go out with her to find her own kitten to raise. Also I promised to visit more often, and if she was ever feeling down she could call me and I would come over. Spent most of the day with her after bringing Fern over and showing her how much food he needs and how he sleeps. We didn't do much after, just stayed inside together watching TV but she seemed to be alot happier with me and Fern around. I hope she can stay like that, but for now I'm pretty happy I could atleast help her a little bit. Next I plan to help her find a better job, maybe next week even.
Upon retrospect I'm not sure if any of that would really classify as hypno stuff, but I was in flutter mode for most of it so I suppose it could slide.

Tulpa stuff

A good bit here, relating to Posh and Mister. Not terribly much yesterday though, just talking and they helped me talk to my mom to make sure I didn't hurt her by accident.
Last night though, I think I learned something about Mister. I had another dream in those red mountains with the normal Wraiths, similar to the first but this time I was one on one with what I'm starting to think is a tribal leader for them in front of another animal sacrifice on the mountain side. I was scared of this one, it was much larger and had a heavy gait that made him fairly imposing compared to the others. Although they all swung big axes like they were twigs so that is slightly pointless. Anyways, there wasn't much to the dream just me sitting there having to wait for whatever ceremony was going on behind me so I could be hit over the head again and wake up, but this time it didn't play out like that. Instead by the time the Alpha Wraith started his spinning one seemed to have come out of me, turned out to be Mister if the one eye was any clue. All I can remember is him holding a large shield to block the axe then pushing the alpha back. Then I woke up and went about my day until I did some forcing. A few things happened then, I saw Mister again who was sitting inside Gypsy's caravan playing with her. I didn't want to bother them, but Mister waved and showed off his eye to acknowledge me. I think I'll talk to him later about it, but after that I found Posh who was waiting near the river where we often went. And it turns out she is a unicorn now, somehow. Caught me off guard, but she seems alot happier now. It suits her really, being such a smart pony and all. I didn't ask why, and she didn't make much mention of it so I'm just going to be happy for her and her new found skills at magic.

Lucy is mad at me,
   Flutter Vi, Posh, and Gypsy
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Re: 41 Helping hoof

Post by Capt on Sun Aug 25, 2013 2:41 pm

Awwwwwww~ *HUUUUUUUUG!*
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