entry 16- naps beat everything

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entry 16- naps beat everything

Post by KrazyDashie on Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:08 am

heya everypony!

so, srry for the lack of updates. been kinda busy. ive been feeling my hooves, ears and legs alot latly, and i can feel my wings are there, but its hard to feel them. anyhoof, i notice that when i get bored, and have nothing to do, i take a nap.and i nap for awhile. which makes me dream of me sleeping on a cloud :3 and when i wake up, im not as bored than before i took my nap x3. annnnnyhoof, im still talking to pinkie and derpy alot, and derpy became so happy when i bought some muffins at the store <3 {:DDDD} so, gamming news? things are going awesome! im getting wayyyyy better than before. too bad most of my xbox friends are offline alot and dont have halo 4 :/

up on her cloud,
-krazy dash [and tulpas :33}


-stay awesome :3
- [keeeepppp smiling :DD]
-{eat muffins ;D}

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Re: entry 16- naps beat everything

Post by Capt on Tue Aug 27, 2013 4:09 pm

I'm glad things are going well! If you ever get on Steam on your computer you can play with the ponies here, quite a few of us have stuff on Steam that's multiplayer, competitive, co-op, and everything in between.
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