3-25-13 entry

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3-25-13 entry

Post by MayzlDash on Tue Mar 26, 2013 4:11 pm

Session Type:Normal, then Overnight
Time: 11:45
Tracks used: Blank Mind, Rainbow Dash (FemV) Loop + BGM after RD (FemV) ind. + BGM
Devices used: Very good large Headphones, then good earbuds, and night mask
Feelings before:Sleepy
Feelings after/in morning:Wishing I could go back to sleep (had to wake up way too early.
Effects noted:none that really stand out, other than increased desire to sleep (possibly not hypnosis related)
I started dosing off during the Blank Mind file, so I switched to the loop and earbuds and went to sleep.
edit: It is possible that I blacked out with the blank mind file, instead of falling asleep. I will try the blank mind file again tomorrow night.
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