Chapter 03 - September 1 and 2, 2013 - Now that I know who I am, who am I?

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Chapter 03 - September 1 and 2, 2013 - Now that I know who I am, who am I?

Post by Bright Star on Tue Sep 03, 2013 3:23 am

September 1, 2013

Most of today was spent at my grandma's home for a family "Christmas" get together. We didn't do much, just exchanged gifts, talked and played games outside for a bit (nothing like could have done if we had done this in December like we normally would have, that's a plus!). Not much in pony-related news, but I did try to get some time by myself to at least chat with my tulpae for a bit. They all fully support my full path I'm taking, but are a bit concerned that I have been having trouble forcing for a while as I have been losing more and more freetime. We're still working on a remedy (even if that means less IRC time, sorries....).

September 2, 2013

While chatting in the IRC for a bit I came to some sudden realization: how did I get my cutie mark? Then other questions started to come about like "Where did I live?" "What did my home in Canterlot look like?" "Why am I starting to miss my home?" So I started to get a bit homesick because of this. Even now I'm starting to wonder....

Also, Princess Luna (Moondust), I thank you for the hug in chat earlier as it was one of those "real" ones I have been getting from certain ponies lately...

Looking to the skies,
Bright Star

[hi its click. im doing great and so is bright but i get mad sometimes at how much time she doesnt have for us it makes me want to take over and show her that we want her time spent with us. were doing something about it soon though so i hope it works great. also were talking a break from the leash thingy as bright needs more energy to work...]

|hellooooo tea here~ Big Grin so bright is doing a good job but needs to spend more time with us sometimes and not fallasleep during forcing so we are goping to do stuff to keep her awake and i hope it helps| Um, like what kind of stuff? |i dunno, its a secret, shhhhhhhhhhhh! anyway! so there. we hope its going to be fun!| -p1nkie: Fun? Fun! Somepony say fun?- |i did silly p1nkie!| -Oh, you did, hehehehee!- |so anyway byyyyyyye!|

Looking to the Skies...

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