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Post by Cheese Sandwich on Fri Sep 13, 2013 6:08 pm

I looped over night, but I tried something new this time. I made a file that waited 20 minutes until the looping began, also I put socks over my hands. When I woke up this morning only thing that felt noticeably strange was my ears, which felt higher than they normally would.
I started a session up but I was interrupted halfway through… It’s 7:30… and my brother is up. Well, before I was interrupted I actually got some great results! My feet actually felt like hooves, I got hooflock, and my arms and legs changed.
I’ve recently noticed I’ve been grumpy when I don’t get my hypnosis time. I don’t know what it is really, I’ve never gotten as grumpy as I do now, It’s like, when I’m Pinkie I hardly care what you say or do as long as It’s not insulting. But when I’m not Pinkie, It’s like everything people do or say gets me mad. I don’t like it L
Also, ever since I woke up It seems like I can’t sit right. My back, is slightly leaning forward… When I sit I almost have to lift my legs just a tiny bit, like Lyra when she sits, or at least that’s what I fell like I’m doing.
I started another session when my house was empty.
The effects:
Feet, Legs, Arms, Flank, Tail, Body, Neck, Head, Mane, Muzzle, Ears, and Eyes
That is pretty much it, other than not being able to stand well. XD
Tulpa forcing… hardest thing ever… well maybe not! but I forced for about an hour :PI’m gonna try to stay off the computer tomorrow… gonna try to tulpa force all day XD wish me luck. Toungue

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