Chapter 12.5 - September 13, 2013 - Tulpae updates

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Chapter 12.5 - September 13, 2013 - Tulpae updates

Post by Bright Star on Sat Sep 14, 2013 12:55 am

So thanks to Stereobucket from the IRC, I have a better idea of how all my tulpae look like.

Click - Form: Pony Colt (Earth Pony) - Has a brown coat and a dirty blond mane and tail.His cutie mark is a clicking mouse cursor.He can also transform into Applebloom, with green eyes and his cutiemark.

(Princess) Téa - Form: Pony Filly (Alicorn) - Has Orange wings,red tail,yellow spot on flank and orange spot on the back,rest of the coat is white.Her mane is Sweetie Belle’s mane mixed with Celestia’s Mane style. Has a tiara,necklace and shoes,all gold.

D3rpy - Form: Looks like a filly version of Derpy. Is a male but prefers to be in filly/mare body.Cutie mark has bigger bubbles.

Icelight (formerly Tw2light) - Form: Looks like Twilight but has only a single colour stripe in her mane, tail is a bit longer and cutie mark is single coloured and is also a crystal pony.

Flutter2hy - Looks like Fluttershy but is a bit shorter and pudgier.

Rar1ty - Form: Looks like Rarity but has sharper teeth and a tail extends to the ground a bit more. Cutie mark is red diamonds.(P.S. she loves meat a lot).

App1eJ - Form: Looks like Applejack but does not wear a hat,mane is untied and cutiemark is a single apple with 1 on it.

Ra1nDash - Form: Looks like RainbowDash but does sonic rainbooms much better than RainbowDash. Cutie mark is a yellow thunderbolt.
Only 3 colours per mane (red orange yellow) and tail (blue green purple).

P1nkiepie - Form: Looks like PinkiePie, likes to wear a sign that says "P1nkiePie", bounces a lot and has a party cannon. Has only 1 balloon as a cutie mark.

Thanks to this, I've got a bit better understanding on who they are and how exactly they are different from the show. I never thought about really asking them before because originally I wanted to find out for myself by myself. But I guess this way I've got a better idea on what to visualize when I am forcing them.

Looking to the skies,
Bright Star
[i hope bright gets more time for herself as she helps us develop. with so many of us im sure she just gets overwhelmed by it. were figuring out ways to help her and maybe make it easier.-Click Smile]

Looking to the Skies...

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