entry 25- i dont play with cheaters.

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entry 25- i dont play with cheaters.

Post by KrazyDashie on Sat Sep 14, 2013 5:59 pm

heya everypony!

so, srry for the lack of updates, but cuz of school, im losing time to do sessions...

well, school is still the same, and, they still annoy me... :/ anyhoof, gamming news! im playing halo, and my brother starts cheating. my brother forced me to play forge, which, gives u the ability to fly. and, everytime im about to kill him, he switches and flys away. I quit. not only that I lost (I HATE losing) but I don't play with cheaters. even tho, I beat him all the time and rub it in his face, at least I want to keep it a fair game. well, note to self: NEVER play forge when u wanna vs him Rainbow Dash Grin 

also, I seem to speak in rainbow's voice in my head all the time, and my real voice is getting cracky and high pitched. not only that, but I still wanna beat my brother at halo, even if he cheated (but hay, now im not gonna play forge... Applejack Awyeah) cuz, I always beat him, plus, hes the only one I could beat at halo any time of day (nopony in my friends list... is usually on :/) but, that's all!

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Re: entry 25- i dont play with cheaters.

Post by platinum on Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:48 pm

Well all I can say is when it comes to online gaming you're likely to find someone at least attempting to cheat in every other or every third match you play. And if your brother is desperate enough to cheat that means he thinks he can't beat you on his own. While I don't condone the cheating you maybe pushing him close to a point where he won't play at all, so you may either have to take the handicap or start letting him win a few matches.
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