Chapter 20- September 30, 2013 - Stepping into new shoes

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Chapter 20- September 30, 2013 - Stepping into new shoes

Post by Bright Star on Mon Sep 30, 2013 10:15 pm

I mentioned in my last journal that I made goals mostly relating to my tulpae. This time I'm showing off some more of my personal goals:

Closer connection to my spiritual self - I've noticed this that I've been going to church more willingly recently rather than just when the family goes. In fact, I feel spiritual revived after going to church and I just feel like I've been cleansed of whatever bad feelings I've entered with.

Be more motivated to finish projects, especially game projects - Maybe it was something to do with my lackluster college classes, but for some reason I've had lack of desire of programming since my final programming related class. I hope I can reconnect with my younger self who had fun working on hi---her(?), get what I mean, and get started on some of the projects that I've been thinking about making for years now.

Visualization practice - This is for both my tulpae and myself so I can visualize my wonderland, my tulpae and me while doing hypnosis/imposition. I feel I've already made a bit of progress on that, and having my tulpae help describe themselves to me makes it a bit easier for me to know how they look like.

And in other news, my work shoes broke, so I just bought a new pair so I can step into a new pair of shoes and not slip and slide all over the pace. It's fine they broke, they lasted me a good three years. Wink

Looking to the skies,
Bright Star

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