3-30-13 entry

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3-30-13 entry

Post by MayzlDash on Sat Mar 30, 2013 7:33 pm

Session Type: Normal
Time: 9:25pm – 10:30pm
Tracks Used: RD (FemV) BGM + ind
Feelings Before: A little tired, but glad I am finally going to get a session in.
Feelings After: Happy
Effects: During hypnosis I felt definite hooves, rump, muzzle, and the tiniest bit of wings.
While the physical illusion did not last long past the recording, the mental effects stayed. I felt pony-ish. Not like Rainbow Dash per se, but like I was an equine… it’s kinda hard to explain, I just felt like a pony.
Session Type: Overnight
Time: 10:30 pm – 8:00 am-ish
Tracks Used: RD BGM + loop
Feelings Before: sleepy, but content
Feelings After: Awake
Effects: As almost always, my hands felt weird, but today, they also looked weird. Like, when I looked at them my brain goes, “hey! That is not what is supposed to be at the end of my arm (forelegs?)”. Also, when I stood up, I stumbled and fell back onto my bed.
Note: While I did not dream of ponies, I dreamt that I told some people, who aren’t even bronies, about pony hypnosis, and they thought it was a really cool idea, and agreed to try it.
Also, you probably have noticed that I changed my avatar. I did this because I felt my old one was too… uncertain, I guess. I wanted a new one. It took a good hour or two of combing through the internet for a decent, non-shipping picture of Rainbow Dash, but I finally found one that captures how I feel.

Session Type: Normal
Time: 1:40 pm
Tracks Used: RD (FemV) BGM + ind
Feelings Before: A bit nauseous, and having some anxiety for no identifiable reason…
Feelings After: Excited, because, PROGRESS!
Effects: During hypnosis, hooves very strong, as well as muzzle, legs, and rump.
Some really exciting things:
Tail: He he, that tickles! I have never had the tail work before, and oh, how it tickled! I could feel it, brushing against my backside.
Wings: This is the first time I have really felt wings. While they only felt like phantom limbs, it was something! As they moved, their “breeze” ruffled my tail. I could still feel them half an hour later.
Ears: The ear effects were a bit odd. I speculate that because of my bulky headphones, the during-hypnosis illusion usually does not work. But when I removed my headphones, there they were; ears! They were still more phantom-ish, but still, ears! I can feel them!
Ok guys Just inserting this here, It is now 3:30, two hours since my last session, and something really odd just happened. I have sat (normally, mind you, not in any odd way) for most of that time. When I stood up, my left knee buckled, and I fell to the ground. It took me a good minute to regain bipedal movement. My left knee did not want to function properly. I am double jointed, and my knee wanted to move in the “wrong” direction. This is crazy! I had no problems walking until hours after hypnosis. Delayed effects, is that something that happens?
Note: I know why I had so good effects this time. I was having trouble with the tail and wing illusions because I was lying on my back because of my bulky headphones, so I tried a new position. During hypnosis now, my head is squished into my pillow, and my body is on its side, but hey, it works!
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