08 All Hallow's eve

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08 All Hallow's eve

Post by Hard Knocks on Thu Oct 31, 2013 10:30 pm

Just mini post to say this

Happy All Hallow's eve everypony! I hope those of you who went looking for sweets found something tasty, the ones who stayed home saw some neat costumes, and the ones who didn't celebrate will enjoy the discount candy to come.

Onto a actual post now

Not very much has happened, some mildly depressing personal stuff but I'm managing to keep myself sewn together fairly well. Not falling apart anymore atleast so thats good.

Tried to meditate a bit today, couldn't really do it with the kids about so I'll be doing it closer to midnight.

All my tulpae are still faring well, and they picked some nice Halloween costumes; Posh a queen; Gypsy a bee; Lilac her changeling form with a fake horn; and Dream has been asleep all day!

On actual hypno news I've been thinking about using a clipped down Fluttershy file a bit on the side, I accidentally put it on my ipod again after having to back up and I still enjoyed listening to it. So yeah, might throw that into the mix since my personality isn't that different.
My own file I've still been using a good bit of course, not the most effective thing but I've been using it more as a stress reliever then anything else (Kind of a pick me up telling me I can make it through everything).

In art news I've done a few things worthwhile (Since I'm trying to give myself a break) including a sea serpent, a slender man inspired self portrait (Not scary), and Posh did a small series too. All very Burtonesque (Tim Burton styled), one being the unwanted house guest meme, a Pinkie pie version she almost copied from a picture she liked, a Vinyl one, and one she isn't done with that is going to be a surprise.

I guess thats all for now,
   Hard Knocks, Posh, Gypsy, Lilac, and Dreams
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