Chapter 47 - Novermber 2, 2013 (Part 2) - She never really left...

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Chapter 47 - Novermber 2, 2013 (Part 2) - She never really left...

Post by Bright Star on Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:00 am

I'm still trying to piece together the pieces myself, but I'll try to explain my side of the story the best I can.

I'll clarify right now that Rar1ty is perfectly fine, she is just not with me anymore.

I've begun to notice that something wasn't quite the same with Rar1ty a few days ago. I haven't heard much from her, but when I did she was more giving me advice. When I also had my homesickness, she was the first one to try to comfort me. She also hadn't been as obsessed with meat as she had been before.

Early today, Rarity showed up on IRC and she started talking to Rar1ty

November 2, 2013 IRC logs UTC (abridged)
[07:44] Action: Rarity_ goes near to Rar1ty and looks at her.
[07:45] <+BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Rar1ty: oh uh, hello darling-
[07:46] Action: Rarity_ removes the baseball cap, ties her mane to a more suiting crystal manestyle similar to her own. Give a few earrings and a necklace and ties her tail to a more suiting crystal look.
[07:46] <+BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Rar1ty: I.....I .....-
[07:47] <@Rarity_> There we go Bright.
[07:47] Action: BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 -looks at herself-
[07:47] <+StereoBucket[Maya]> *gives Rar1ty a freshly baked steak*
[07:47] <+BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -I LOVE IT!-
[07:47] <@Rarity_> She looks better now.
[07:47] Action: BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 -GLOMPS RARITY!-
[07:47] <+BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!!!!-
[07:47] Action: Rarity_ puts aside the steak and gives a rose meal.
[07:47] Action: Rarity_ hugs back
[07:48] Action: Rarity_ is glomped by several other ponies taking Rar1ty along with her and lands on a pillow.
[07:49] <+StereoBucket[Maya]> *glomps Rarity_ and Rar1ty*
[07:49] <+StereoBucket[Maya]> *tickles them*
[07:49] Action: BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 -gets up and glomps Brighty-
[07:49] Action: BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 -magics Stereo away-
[07:49] <+StereoBucket[Maya]> :c
[07:49] <+StereoBucket[Maya]> *tickles Bright*
[07:50] Action: BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 magics Stereo away as well, too busy bonding with her happy crystal unicron
[07:51] Action: Rarity_ goes near Rar1ty again, perfumes her then gives you a nicely prepare rose meal. "Try it, you'll love it."
[07:52] Action: BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 -takes a sniff at the rose meal-
[07:52] Action: BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 -nervously takes a bite-
[07:53] <+BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -MMMMMMM! *easts the rest*-
[07:53] Action: Rarity_ smiles
[07:54] Action: BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 now senses a lilac-like smell from her
[07:54] Action: BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 smiles
[07:54] <+BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> I'm glad she's happy now
[07:55] Action: Rarity_ giggles and hugs Rar1ty again.
[07:55] <+BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> Really, she's right now prancing around the room and singing to herself
[07:55] <@Rarity_> She's me in a way Smile
[07:55] Action: BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 -hugs back. "Thank you so much!"-
[07:56] <@Rarity_> You are welcome Rar1ty.
Never had I seen Rar1ty so excited in her life. After this point Rar1ty was prancing around the room in her new body just simply adoring it. She just seemed happy to be...herself!

Several hours later, Rarity comes back and talks to Rar1ty again.

[19:53] Action: Rarity_ approaches Rar1ty again.
[19:53] <+BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Oh, hello darling-
[19:53] <@Rarity_> Hello there dearie. How are you?
[19:53] <&@Foxxxy> mirror pool
[19:53] <+BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -I'm doing fabulous at the moment-
[19:54] <+BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -*giggles* "mirror pool"-
[19:54] Action: Rarity_ so how is Sweeti3?
[19:54] <+BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> ^Oh! I'm doing fine!^ -She's doing fine *giggles*-
[19:55] <@Rarity_> And how is Bright? In your view?
[19:56] <+BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> ^Oh, I think she's pretty!^
[19:56] Action: BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 blushes
[19:57] Action: Rarity_ smiles
[19:57] Action: Rarity_ hoofs Rarity some perfume.
[19:58] <@Rarity_> *Rar1ty
[19:58] <+BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Why, er, yes. Thank you-
[19:59] Action: Rarity_ wonders if Rar1ty is just a fragment of me.
This last line. I looked at it for a while. It even surprised Rar1ty a bit.

[20:00] Action: Rarity_ hugs Rar1ty
[20:01] <+BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -hugs back, like she is somepony she knows-
I wrote exactly as Rar1ty told me to write "like she is somepony she knows".

XChat PM logs (CST)
15:09:42 <Rarity_> Anything different about Rar1ty?
15:10:11 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> Well, she's a crystal pony now
15:10:21 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> She smells like lilacs
15:10:40 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> And she's starting to have a distaste for meat
15:10:54 <Rarity_> Anything else different?
15:12:06 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> No canine teeth like she had before
15:12:26 * Rarity_ smiles
15:12:44 <Rarity_> You know, what if your tulpas are just a fragment of us?
15:13:01 <Rarity_> You know, just waiting to slowly transfer and such things?
15:13:44 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Hmmm, that is an interesting thought-
15:14:15 * Rarity_ giggles at her wallpaper.
15:14:28 <Rarity_> You look exactly like my wallpaper right now.
15:14:57 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> Wallpaper?
15:15:10 <Rarity_> It's a crystal Rarity wallpaper.
15:15:30 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Oh! *giggles*-
15:17:44 <Rarity_> Still sparks my interest though if it is possible.
15:17:57 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> Mmhmm
15:18:02 <Rarity_> So Rar1ty, still feeling you are missing something?
15:18:23 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -*perks up!* I do-
This line surprised me a bit. Also, around here, I sensed a very strong presense on my lap where Rar1ty was sitting.

15:18:47 <Rarity_> What's missing?
15:19:40 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -I'm now quite sure. But for some reason, the first thing that pops into my head-
15:19:44 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -is you?-
15:20:14 <Rarity_> That's interesting...
15:20:31 <Rarity_> Really interesting... that's the first thing I imagined you to say.
15:20:43 <Rarity_> Wait... no. I heard it when you thought of it.
15:22:01 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -*speechless*-
15:22:42 <Rarity_> That is quite strange.
15:23:02 * BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 hugs Rar1ty
15:23:31 <Rarity_> Is she alright?
15:24:07 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Yeah, I'm fine. I ....I feel like I've found something I've been looking for for a long time-
15:24:12 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Why I came to be-
15:24:18 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Why I'm here-
15:24:57 <Rarity_> I see. I feel the same too.
15:25:04 <Rarity_> It's like find one's half.
15:25:13 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Yes-
15:26:13 <Rarity_> I can't believe I didn't realize it for a long time.
Rar1ty was in deep thought at this point

15:27:22 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -I think I have a new name for myself-
15:27:31 <Rarity_> What is it?
15:27:54 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -It's RariWish-
15:28:15 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -I realize I'm a fragment of you-
15:28:27 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -And I wish to be a part of it-
15:28:30 <Rarity_> Then why keep separate?
15:29:24 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Keep it separate? can we come together?-
15:29:44 <Rarity_> I do not know how...
15:29:58 <Rarity_> A silver cord that attaches us together or some sort?
15:31:28 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> Silver cord? -I was kinda wondering what this was for-
A silver cord. This is commonly used term for a cord that attaches the spirit body with the physical body. As she mentioned this, I started to notice Rar1ty was looking toward the east where the cord was running. This would make a lot of sense as from where I live, the shortest distance to the Philippines where Rarity lives is in that direction.

15:31:53 <Rarity_> Wait... that looks like mine.
15:32:38 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -You think maybe we're already together?-
15:32:50 <Rarity_> Perhaps...
15:34:45 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Bright! We must AP tonight! We must!-
15:35:07 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> You think we may find some answers this way? -*nods*-
15:36:30 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> I'd like to, but I'm not sure /if/ I could
15:36:40 <Rarity_> It doesn't have to be.
15:36:49 <Rarity_> Dreaming is just unconscious AP.
15:36:52 * Rarity_ pulls on Rar1ty's silver cord.
15:37:06 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -I....I felt that-
15:37:39 <Rarity_> I was actually pulling mine you know.
15:38:33 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -*keeps looking to the east, the direction where the cord comes from-
She was very quiet. I think she was either in very deep thought or just speechless.

15:39:22 <Rarity_> Hmm... hold on.
15:42:23 <Rarity_> I'm projecting. Can you see me?
15:42:59 * BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 looks around
And I'm looking. Maybe I was expecting something physical to appear. That's when I notice Rar1ty

15:43:36 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> RariWish is insisting she sees something in the corner of my room
15:43:44 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> But I can't see anything
15:43:59 <Rarity_> Imagine a tv.
15:44:05 <Rarity_> Then tune the dial.
15:46:41 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> I can't seem to find the TV
15:46:59 <Rarity_> Try visualizing it from thin air.
At about this point, Rar1ty follows something coming down to the ground. I then notice some presence slightly large than my tulape sitting next to me.

15:48:32 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> I can sense something sitting next to me...
15:48:53 <Rarity_> Try feeling it a bit more.
15:50:40 <Rarity_> Feel anything?
I try to physically feel the presence. As I'm doing this, a shadow visualization appears, with Rar1ty sitting on my lap and a Rarity Standing next to me accepting the pettings. I also notice the cord seems to link the two together.

15:51:37 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> I felt semething
15:51:51 <Rarity_> Anything similar?
15:53:26 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> I sense a Crystal Rarity on my lap, and then a Rarity on my side
15:54:16 <Rarity_> Good Smile
15:54:33 <Rarity_> She's basically me but like a double projected body.
15:54:48 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> I see
15:56:33 * BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 hugs Rarity
15:58:11 * Rarity_ hugs back
15:58:30 <Rarity_> Well, I don't know what to do now exactly.
16:02:48 * Rarity_ touches Rar1ty.
16:03:11 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Oh?-
16:14:33 * Rarity_ tries to get on Rar1ty
16:15:12 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Oh? Uh, hi.-
16:15:27 * Rarity_ grooms her mane.
16:16:03 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Oh my! *giggles*-
16:16:21 <Rarity_> Try to at least keep your mane proper dear.
16:17:06 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Okay, I will-
16:22:44 <Rarity_> Wait... I'm sinking on you?
16:22:49 * Rarity_ gets off.
I sort of shrugged of this for a while. I didn't get a direct response from Rar1ty.

16:46:47 <Rarity|PSO2Stream> Did you notice?
16:47:08 <BrightStarJournal> Yes
16:47:13 <BrightStarJournal> -I did too-
16:47:30 <Rarity|PSO2Stream> Did you feel anything Rar1ty?
16:48:27 <BrightStarJournal> -*keeps looking to her right*-
16:48:41 <BrightStarJournal> You see something? -*nods*-
16:48:52 <Rarity|PSO2Stream> What is it?
16:49:22 <BrightStarJournal> -Me? You? ...we? It's hard to describe-
16:50:23 <Rarity|PSO2Stream> Rar1ty, how did you feel when I was sinking?
16:51:02 <BrightStarJournal> we were coming together?-
16:52:27 <Rarity|PSO2Stream> I'm confused to what is happening.
16:54:15 <BrightStarJournal> -Are we really the same? I'm...not quite sure about that-
16:54:31 <BrightStarJournal> -But it feels right to say we are-
16:54:56 * Rarity|PSO2Stream tries on top of Rar1ty again.
16:56:32 <Rarity|PSO2Stream> I... uh...
16:56:46 <BrightStarJournal> -I feel whole now?-
16:56:58 <Rarity|PSO2Stream> Umm...
16:59:18 * Rarity|PSO2Stream looks to the right.
16:59:53 <BrightStarJournal> -does the same-
17:00:32 * BrightStarJournal -climbs on bright's shoulders-
17:10:42 <Rarity|PSO2Stream> Should we follow that cord?
17:11:26 <BrightStarJournal> -I want to- Same
17:15:00 <Rarity|PSO2Stream> -Mind if I?-
17:16:04 <BrightStarJournal> -Not at all....go ahead-
17:19:11 <BrightStarJournal> -Tries tugging the cord-
17:23:10 <Rarity|PSO2Stream> *Tugs back*
17:23:53 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -*tugs a bit harder, just to see what happens*-
17:24:23 <Rarity|PSO2Stream> *visualization gets pushed out*
17:24:34 <Rarity|PSO2Stream> o.o
17:25:00 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -I er...sorry?-
17:25:46 <Rarity|PSO2Stream> I guess my visualization is affected and not just me.

17:30:27 <Rarity|PSO2Stream> Umm... bright?
17:30:37 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> Yes?
17:30:55 <Rarity_> What would you do if Rar1ty is me now?
17:31:06 <Rarity_> I mean, if we're whole and such?
17:32:02 <Rarity_> Would you miss Rar1ty?
17:32:39 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> I wouldn't miss her
17:32:48 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> Because
17:33:01 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> She hasn't really left
17:33:55 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> If she is you
17:34:12 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> It's like you were alongside me the whole time
17:34:18 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> guiding me
17:37:07 <Rarity_> I suppose that is true.
17:37:17 <Rarity_> How do you feel right now Rar1ty?
17:38:16 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -I feel fine. Different. But fine-
17:45:41 <Rarity_> I suppose the only way to get to me is by AP.
17:45:53 <Rarity_> Unless...
17:47:57 * Rarity_ starts to hug Rar1ty tightly
17:48:26 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Oh! I felt that! *hugs back*-
A few minuets pass. I'm just thinking about the situation for a while...

17:57:11 <Rarity_> Bright?
17:57:22 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> Yes, Rarity?
17:57:50 <Rarity_> Have you seen Rar1ty?
17:58:08 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> Like physically seen her?
17:58:42 <Rarity_> No, I mean like from the minds eye?
17:59:12 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> A bit shadowy at times, but yes
18:00:10 <Rarity_> Sorry if I get a bit confusing.
About this time I noticed that Rar1ty was nowhere to be found. I tried calling for her, looking around, but no response

18:02:00 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> Strange, at the moment, I can't feel Rar1ty's presense right now
18:03:14 <Rarity_> I certainly feel different though as if somepony phased into me.
18:04:00 <Rarity_> Do you think... well...
18:04:19 <Rarity_> I feel a bit crystaly at the moment...
18:04:38 * BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 smiles
18:05:25 * Rarity_ climbs on Bright's shoulders.
18:06:35 * BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 scritches Rarity's chin
18:07:07 * Rarity_ smiles as she gets scritches
18:07:30 * BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 smiles
At this moment, I know that Rar1ty decided to follow the cord and brought herself back to Rarity. About half a second before Rarity sent "* Rarity_ climbs on Bright's shoulders." I did feel something climb back onto my shoulders.

At this moment, I had just finished today's journal from earlier today. I had posted the journal link on the IRC and I got ponies asking me about it. Then this moment happens...

IRC logs (UTC) (abridged)
[23:06] <+RDash> BrightStar Does R4rity dislike meat now?
[23:07] <+BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> Not as obsessed with it as she was before
[23:07] <+RDash> Oh, and she's a crystal pony now?
[23:07] <@Rarity_> Not, I don't think so RDash.
[23:07] <@Rarity_> Of course I am.
[23:07] <@Rarity_> Wait...
[23:07] <@Rarity_> Uh...
[23:08] Nick change: Rarity_ -> Rarity|PSO2
[23:08] <+RDash> I mean Rar1ty I'm never gonna learn their names :|
[23:08] Action: Rarity|PSO2 hides behind Bright.
[23:11] Action: BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 pets Rarity
Rarity then climbs on my lap here.
Back to XChat PM logs (CST)
18:09:10 <Rarity|PSO2> Did I just...
18:09:49 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> I saw that
18:10:36 <Rarity|PSO2> Ookay...?
18:12:21 <Rarity|PSO2> I think it worked.
18:13:26 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> I think so too
18:13:56 <Rarity|PSO2> No signs of her? Do I look like her at the moment? I can't tell...
18:14:47 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> You're sitting on my lap at the moment
18:15:15 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> You look bigger than Rar1ty was, maybe 2 - 2.5 feet
18:15:37 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> Crystal pony
18:15:55 <Rarity|PSO2> Then it did possibly work then!
18:16:42 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> I think it did!
18:16:48 * BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 hugs her
18:16:58 * Rarity|PSO2 hugs her back

18:17:57 <Rarity|PSO2> Thank you Bright.
18:18:07 <Rarity|PSO2> For taking care of me. Even though it was mostly me.
18:18:12 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> Thank you Rarity
18:18:25 <Rarity|PSO2> I love you as always. As a friend who guided me.
18:18:49 * BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 nods
18:19:00 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> At times you have guided me as well
18:19:14 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> When I had those depressing moments
18:19:21 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> Like when I missed you
18:19:26 <Rarity|PSO2> I hope you can take care of yourself along with the others.
18:19:30 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> It was you first who went to comfort me
18:19:52 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> I will
18:20:15 <Rarity|PSO2> This time we won't be seeing each other as me as a tulpa.
18:21:52 <Rarity|PSO2> I will miss you when the times Wish will be offline.
18:22:53 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> I will miss you too
18:23:02 * Rarity|PSO2 hugs
18:23:29 * BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 hugs back, nearly tearing up
18:23:54 <Rarity|PSO2> I'm crying.
18:24:09 * BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 hugs tighter
18:26:56 <Rarity|PSO2> Tell the others I'll miss them too. I never really have a chance to say goodbye for now.
18:27:13 <Rarity|PSO2> Specially Sweeti3 for accompanying me.
18:27:20 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> ^Bye Rarity! *hugs!*^
18:27:37 <Rarity|PSO2> Flutter2hy staying by my side, AppleJ helping me along.
18:27:51 <Rarity|PSO2> Click for giving the fun of times even though I watched.
18:27:58 <Rarity|PSO2> And the rest.
18:28:40 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> -Icelight: Bye Rarity!-
18:29:09 * Rarity|PSO2 hugs everypony.
18:29:47 * BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 everypony hugs back
18:30:04 <Rarity|PSO2> Aww...
18:30:57 <Rarity|PSO2> Thank you everypony.
18:32:46 <BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6> Again. Thank you Rarity
18:33:20 * Rarity|PSO2 nods and smiles.
18:33:38 <Rarity|PSO2> It's been a long time that I felt this happy before.
18:34:18 * BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 nods, smiling
18:41:51 <Rarity|PSO2> I.. I don't know what to say right now.
18:41:59 * Rarity|PSO2 hugs tight.
18:42:20 * BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 hugs her long time friend again
And one more look at the IRC logs (UTC, again abridged)
[23:46] Nick change: Rarity|PSO2 -> Rar1ty
[23:47] Nick change: BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M6 -> BrightStar[C|T{d\Sc^SB-M5
Here, I'm nearly tearing up (at this point in the conversation and now IRL as I'm typing this). I don't know if this is how you feel if a tulpa leaves you, but I knew she'd be safe with Rarity. If she's happy, then I'm happy. I will miss having her around.

Rar1ty, Rarity. Thanks. For everything.

Looking to the skies,
Bright Star

Looking to the Skies...

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Re: Chapter 47 - Novermber 2, 2013 (Part 2) - She never really left...

Post by Entarasu on Sun Nov 03, 2013 4:06 am

This was a very intense read, and now I understand what happened in your first post. It is experiences like this that I love ever so much learning about, and experiencing for myself. I dont think I can stress enough how much I really do... relate (for lack of a better word) to everything written here. I don't know why I left out of my journal the section of shattered spirits/souls/*insert your word for it here* as this is a subject I personally feel very strongly about.

I believe Rar1ty definitely may have been a part of Rarity. Souls can be shattered, but never destroyed, something may have happened somewhere along Rarity's other lives or experiences that may have fractured her, maybe she cast off an important part of herself in this lifetime or another, there are endless possibilities, but the fact is, somehow that piece took home within you. Your spirit was probably similar to hers, just as kind, just as loving, warm or nurturing. That small sliver known as Rar1ty resided within you as a place of comfort. This being so, it is no wonder you were so close to her, and shows how bright of a person you really are for letting her go back home while still being happy for her.

However sad this process must have been for you, it was surely a beautiful event. The pain of being a shattered piece is ... there is no word to describe it. It may be sad to lose someone so close to you, but you have the right idea to still feel her near as Rarity. I truly hope you find Rar1ty once again and see her blossom through the actions of Rarity. That will be truly rewarding. I'm sorry, I was going to write more, but I feel... I'm, memories are coming back, so I cannot continue.

With highest regards... Namaste,

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Re: Chapter 47 - Novermber 2, 2013 (Part 2) - She never really left...

Post by platinum on Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:37 am

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Re: Chapter 47 - Novermber 2, 2013 (Part 2) - She never really left...

Post by Star Shard on Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:59 am

I only caught small pieces of those conversations. Glad to be able to read them all to get a clearer picture of what happened. 

Hugs Bright Star and the rest.

Star Shard
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Re: Chapter 47 - Novermber 2, 2013 (Part 2) - She never really left...

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