4-5-13 entry

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4-5-13 entry

Post by MayzlDash on Fri Apr 05, 2013 7:18 pm

I have always been interested in the brain. When I was a filly child, one of my first coloring books was “the Brain”, a book meant for college students and adults interested in learning about the functions and parts of the brain. While at such a young age (about 4 or 5) I could not read or comprehend the passages, I enjoyed helping my mother color it, and she would simplify the text so my juvenile brain could understand.
But never has my learning of the wonders of the human brain been so awesome amazing as now, exploring the hypnopony community.
I have been exposed to hypnosis in the past; I have used “sleep aid” hypnosis programs to deal with my sleeping issues, but nothing like the treasure trove of incredible volume I have discovered here.
From tulpae to split personalities, to transformations, for the first time in my life, at the end of each day I can say to myself, “I learned something today.”

Session type: Normal
Tracks: Rainbow Dash (femV) BGM + ind.
Time: 10:13 pm 4-4-13
Feelings Before: glad I finally put words to the above, I feel like that has been on the tip of my tongue of years.
Feelings After: good, but sleepy.
Effects: hrm, let’s see… minor tail and wings… ears (or where my pony ears should be) protesting being put under headphones.
No dreams that I remember tonight.
At school, I feel animated. I radiate confidence and pride. I have exchanged my normal sullen frown for a confident yet goodhearted smirk.
Besides that, not much.
As part of this journal, I decided to do some “achievements” these are the “achievements” from [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]  I have experienced so far:
"Oh, And You Were So Close!": Woken from a trance by an outside source
"Create: Vegetarian": become a vegetarian after using pony hypno.
"But... Bacon": have trouble digesting meat after using pony hypno
"Quality Assurance": Find meat-related products don't taste as good after using pony hypno.
“Wet Scripts”: get turned on by a hypnosis file while using a hypnosis file [don’t judge me]
"Wait, my name is...": Begin having troubles remembering your human name while under hypnosis for any pony
"Pony, I..." Obtain feelings for the pony your hypnofile is commonly shipped with
"Pleasant Dreams": Purposely sleep while looping a file.
"Fancy mathematics": get confused as anypony besides Twilight
Wow. So while I was typing all of that, I had Supernatural on in the background, not really paying attention to it, when I heard a word;
Turns out, this whole time I have been watching an episode on tulpae without realizing it. The kicker is, I have watched this episode before. Many times. This is one of my favorite episodes. All this time, I have known about tulpae. (Though I do have to admit that everything that they said on that show other than the fact that they are “Tibetan thought forms” is disproven by the information on tulpa.info, like a tulpa being able to kill people) But still, it is amazing how things like this work out.
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