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Post #65 POSTING!!!!!!!

Post by Cheese Sandwich on Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:51 am

IM DOING I PONIES!!!! IM (pause) POSTING!!!! (dramatic music here)

Isnt this great! Im gonna start doing daily journals again *pops a party favor* And guess what! you are all invited! This is gonna be big!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ive been SOOOOOOO busy lately with school and other stuff that Ive missed out a lot on stuff you guys have been doing!!!!!!! Well that will change! I don't like work XD but I know most of you ponies don't either! But my fun has been delayed by the stuff!!!! And thats not what I want at all!!!!!!

OMG! I havent been doing session in like, forever! I feel kind of bad about it! But my trigger still works Laugh Out Loud  Whenever I plan on doing a session something happens that gets in my way!!!!!! Its either Work or Talking (I have NEVER passed up a reason to talk on skype) And for all those ponies I do talk to on skype, Im not saying youve messed up my time XD I would rather be talking to you ponies instead of doing a session!!!!!!!!!! AHHH im getting distracted again! This journal is a big pile of random today Smile  hope you all can read it!!!!! What was I saying O-O .......

*3 minutes later*

.... OH YEA! so im gonna be doing session again! yay! ummmmmmmm lets see....... oh! im also gonna be on the irc more as well! *throws streamers into the air*

Soo! I think thats it... yea it looks like it.... OH! Spectra has been making quite a few friends XD good for him!! and... ive mainly been on skype....... um... Bleh.....

ANYHOOF PONIES! Thats it for today! *hug* love you all!!!!!!!

Pinkie signing out! *presses random buttons on keyboard* might take a second....... almost got it..... Alright I think ive done it everypo-

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