A Welcome to New Forum Members

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A Welcome to New Forum Members

Post by Guest on Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:15 am

Hello everypony,

I want to welcome all the new ponies who have been signing-up recently.  We have seen a lot of new sign-ups in recent weeks; especially so, it seems, last night.

We are a gentle, thoughtful group who are using a specific, sanctioned set of Guided Meditations/Visualizations that have become known as “Pony Hypnosis,” to connect with what we feel is a force, a presence within us that echoes what we have seen on the FiM television series.

This is not a means of escape.  These tools will not “turn you into” something you are not.

The tools/scripts we use are like exercise for your mind – thus... if your mind is not healthy and suited for this kind of exercise at this moment, do not engage in this exercise until working with a certified professional you become so.

To preserve the “Equestrian” nature of our “home-away-from-home, (as this has become for many of us who have been here a long time,) we expect everypony here to behave themselves and act responsibly.

To help in knowing what is acceptable here, we have established a clear Code of Conduct:


Please become familiar with this set of laws upheld here.

However, a simple rule-of-hoof to keep in mind is: If something would be acceptable from a good pony on the FiM television show, it is more than likely fine here as well.

We have many wonderful, helpful moderators and administrators who will be more than happy to help answer your questions in this regard.

I wish you the best on your journey to yourself.  Enjoy your stay here in “Our Little Equestria.”

~Princess Celestia


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