Post #66 Session?! IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

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Post #66 Session?! IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

Post by Cheese Sandwich on Thu Nov 14, 2013 7:32 am

Hiya everyponA how are you all doing?! Im doing fine! thanks for asking!!!! ;D

So my week has been.... VERY busy!!!!! thats why I havent been posting on the forums as much!!!!! and my school stuff probably won't be down until next week.... BUT! Ive finally gotten a session in last night! not looping! and ACTUAL-FACTUAL session!!!!!! IKR?! crazy!!!!! and the effects you might ask! (well some of you ponies might ask XD) *clears throat* Me-me-me-me-me~ *clears throat some more* Okay, THE EFFECTS!!!!!! DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!

FOR MY EFFECTS! I got everything Physical!!!!!!!!!!!! Mental stuff came later ;3 I feel down when I got up to walkover to my bed XD *giggle* Then afterward I looed over night :3

Thanks all for now mares and gentle colts!!!!!!!
~Don't forget to Smile!

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