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Post by Hard Knocks on Sat Nov 16, 2013 7:13 pm

I think I found something significant this time. This time thanks more to a close friend reminding me in a way

1: I never knew my parents, I'm sure of it. Instead I was raised by the animals in the small forests surrounding Canterlot. The one I considered most to be my mother was a deer, doe to be exact. And the closest thing I had to a father was an elderly squirrel oddly enough who helped me learn to work with trees and find or store food when I needed to. They taught me alot about living there, I learned what was ok to eat and what wasn't, how I can make a tree drop seeds or nuts to me and how to keep them safe and stored, how to run silently among the hard and winding roots or vines, swim fast even upstream, drink from said stream without causing more then the smallest ripple. And I did my best to help around where I could, I had the strongest back of any deer and the biggest of any squirrels so I did alot of work for my families, happily too. Whenever I learned how to kick a tree enough to make fruit fall I was ecstatic, it seemed all the animals around me cheered at my little trick and while I didn't do it often for respect of the trees it was always a grand feast when I got a good one. I certainly felt appreciated and loved but I was always a little curious as to why I looked so different from the other animals.

2: I was a natural in the forest for a long time, it wasn't until I first laid my eyes on Canterlot and saw a set of great wings from one of the towers (At the time I thought they were strange trees) that I ever considered going to see other ponies of any kind. And the first time I ventured out the occasional critter always seemed to be watching me, trying to keep me safe. I assume my dad asked the locals to keep their eyes on me. I wandered through the streets aimlessly, trying to find that big strange winged creature. I got alot of strange looks and even more rude comments, but it wasn't bad. It was a lovely place to see and I even found something that sparked my interest, a simple little ragdoll. I'm not sure why but I held onto it when I found it and even brought it back with me to the forest, and took care of it even during my time in Ponyville. I couldn't find anything else worthwhile, but I did managed to get lost. I started making the chirps my dad used to call me, I thought they were my name and I guess it was. A lone squirrel came out of a nearby bush and tapped my hoof, then guided me back to the outskirt of that glorious city where I could easily find my path back.

Rather odd memories, and came back really clear. Especially when I found that doll and my first successful silent run through the forest. It makes me feel good to know I was atleast at one point very included with the animals. Although it does make me worry; Why did I leave?
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