Entry 91 - Full Moon Dream-Walk

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Entry 91 - Full Moon Dream-Walk

Post by Guest on Mon Nov 18, 2013 12:38 pm

Hello everypony,

I hope you all had wonderful experiences during the time of this world's Full Moon.

For me, it is always such a beautiful time to look up into the sky and be reminded that even here, so far away from home, that there are still so many similarities between this world and the world that holds Equestria.

And to be able to use the Full Moon as a focal point to send love and caring and compassion to my dear beloved sister, along all the threads of all the worlds on which we have found ourselves... ...it makes the time of The Full even more meaningful.

Dream-work seemed especially intense during The Full this moon. My most memorable dream was this:

In this dream I was human, and I was very young: just a girl in human years... and on my way to and from the places I had to go, I had to walk at least twice a day by an old house I knew with certainty to be haunted.

In the dream, I had no parents; and for whatever reason, that night, I had to stay the night in that very house.

I felt the evil spirits almost rejoice as I followed the woman who owned the house up the long stairs that led from the back entryway up to the main living-area of the house. I could feel them barely being able to hold themselves back from attacking me... waiting until nighttime when I would be asleep and less able to fight them off.

And some part of me was certain that the woman who owned this house knew about the evil there as well... but that as part of her “coping” she had allowed herself to be tainted by that evil, (though not turned by it,) so it would no longer attack her.

Night came -- and I somehow managed to doze on the bed in the the room I'd been given on the second or third floor of that old house.

...And then I felt them, the evil that haunted that house, coming for me.

I bolted awake!  Leaping from the bed, my human feet landing on the floor... the lightswitch didn't work, but that didn't matter....

My athamme, (my ritual knife – an Earthly projection of my alicorn, my horn,) was solidly, surely in my hand and it began to glow. It glowed through gold to white so bright I felt that the light it cast must surely sear the cracking wallpaper from the walls.

I fended-off a few small forays at me...


I let-fly a build-up of energy like an exploding sun and my awareness clearly felt the shockwaves of it traveling through every molecule of the old house, (and beyond, I believe)... searing to ash the evil too pervasive to flee, disbanding and dissolving that which was amenable to retreat.

The woman who owned the house had been in her bedroom with her boyfriend, sitting on the flloor and talking with him. She walked down the hall and turned on the lights as I stood panting slightly to catch my breath, (though surprisingly I felt no real exertion from casting such energy). I could feel instantly that she too had been cleared of the evil's touch upon her -- and the way she smiled seem to say that she knew I'd be able to help free not only her house, but her as well.

We sat on the floor in her bedroom; she, her boyfriend, and myself, and talked long into the night.

There were framed pictures on the antique, elegant, carved wooden tables and chests-of-drawers, (furniture at least from the 1800's.)  The photos were recent: pictures of wild, greater and lesser cats that her boyfriend had photographed. One in particular was a mountain-lioness that though wild, had developed a bond of friendship with him, even allowing him to pet her.

And then... in the room with us was a beautiful, adolescent snow-leopardess.

The snow-leopard padded over to me, and though I was a little afraid, I reached out and the leopard pressed her cheek and then closed her eyes and rubbed her neck into my hand. Even now I can remember the feel of the weight of her head, feel her neck and shoulders under her thick, warm fur.

The snow leopard laid over my human lap and legs.  She was so affectionate, it felt like gratitude....  I can still remember the weight and warmth of her draped over me in that way only cats can manage, as we all sat together on the old wooden floor.

...And, full of gratitude myself, I petted and stroked the beautiful leopard as the woman who owned the house, her boyfriend, and I talked for what felt like hours and hours and hours. (Mostly, it was the woman who owned the house telling me of the history of the house and her history with it, how that evil had come to be, how she had tried to stop it herself but that she stopped trying to fight it and was just keeping the evil focused in just that house, keeping herself from falling any further into evil while waiting for some being who could do what she did not.)

Wishing you pleasant joruneys of your own,


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