Post #68 Distractions!!!!!!!!!

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Post #68 Distractions!!!!!!!!!

Post by Cheese Sandwich on Mon Nov 25, 2013 7:40 am

Heyheyhey Ponies! Pinkie Here for yet another journal post!!

I know I havent been on the forums lately and i havent been on the irc..... I have no reason...... um, Bananas?
idk Laugh Out Loud 
OHOH! ... still nothing!

Recently ive become VERY accustomed to hugs and stuff of the sort! idk why, I just feel very huggable..... is this a pinkie side effect?! as a pony there are a few thing that I want!
1.) Parties
2.) To make other ponies happy
3.) To make other ponies smile
4.) to be hugged and other stuff
5.) to eat sugar
6.) To bake sweets
I think thats all the pinkie effects actually..... Ive just been feeling very...... cute? lately! and I dont know why Laugh Out Loud 

IN OTHER NEWS! Ive been looping at night! and have done 1 session since my last journal!
OKIE DOKIE! I think im done everyppony! Just felt like sharing this with you all!


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