15 Sneaky and switching

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15 Sneaky and switching

Post by Hard Knocks on Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:54 pm

So managed to get back another memory, seemingly not long after the last one.

It was night time, a very cloudy sky but Canterlot was still well lit with lanterns and street lights. I was sulking around a couple of the darker streets nursing some bruises from the fight not too long ago and constantly looking down at my newly cracked hoof, it made me walk a little funny but it didn't sting too badly.
I had been watching the guard who took the stallion away for a while it seemed, I was a good walk away from my initial ally before I had lost track of him and started wandering about, until I noticed a small pharmacy type shop. The lights were off so I assumed nopony was there, I almost hoped someone was so I could atleast have my cuts and hoof looked at but they realized the chances of getting help were slim. Then it hit me: If the door was unlocked I could sneak in, get a couple bandages and some medicine so I don't get infected or hurt any worse. I decided to take that chance.
I felt bad stealing, I'm not a thief but it was either this or hope my cuts didn't get infected. I was right in assuming the door was unlocked, seemed no door ever were in the good part of town. I knew a couple ponies were still wandering the streets and might see me if I lit any big lights, so I had to stumble around in the dark a bit  before I found a little candle and a box of matched behind the counter. It wasn't much and if I was careful I could stay behind a shelf and search without being spotted, which I did. I managed to find a few band-aids and a tube of disinfectant that I could fit in my cloth bag, and a file I could use to manage my hoof a little but nothing to help with the crack in it.
With my ill gotten loot in tow I wasn't thinking too much as I left the shelf's cover and barely caught a glow from across the street of another guard, or police or something, I couldn't tell it was too dark. It nearly gave me a heart attack when I blew out my candle and saw it was just a lightning bug. Then with a sigh of relief I bolted out of the place, ran back to a more familiar ally where nopony ever went and started lamely covering my cuts with the cream and then bandages. And you know what? I was pretty happy about it. I got a hefty supply of medicine for me, and I knew a place I could hide it, but best yet I proved that even in this strange new place I could still gather what I needed. It was stealing, but only a couple bandages and some cream, hardly a few bits worth, certainly.

Kind of a weird thing to get back but still, its something.
And in other news me and Posh have made an agreement, check her sub journal for what it is.

Hint: it involves switching
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