Entry 93 - What these files can do... what these files can not do....

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Entry 93 - What these files can do... what these files can not do....

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 09, 2013 4:05 pm

Over the time I have been connected with this work, I have seen some ponies get hurt through their use of the tools here.  And I believe I finally have gathered enough observations to voice the following opinion:

With rare exceptions, the ponies who have been hurt through their use of the files were not hurt because they themselves intentionally mis-used the files, but rather because of incorrect common assumptions regarding the files and hypnosis/GVis itself.

(Now, bear in mind that I am not the creator of this work, but my 20+ years of practical experience with hypnosis and Guided Visualizations as a means to change one's life for the better allow a high-level perspective of how the files can be best used to carry-forth what I have been told is the wish behind the evolution of this project.)

The biggest misconception I have encountered in listening to ponies here and elsewhere has been the assumption that the files will “turn them into” the pony of their choosing.

These files can only strengthen that which is already within.  These files will not make you into something you are not.

These files can help one to _feel_like_ the pony of one's choosing... but if the fit is incompatible, in time it will be known... (which I am told is unpleasant,) and if the file and the user are too incompatible, “the system needs to be rebooted or re-installed” (hence, Emotional “Kernal Panic” from the UNIX stop-error,) by using one or both of the reset-files.

And... ...one can not forgo one's human lifetime.

Each and every one of us are within these human bodies because on some level, our spirits _chose_ this life-path....  My intuition tells me that the choice to do so is _very_ important to the evolution of our spirits.

And so, if one does wish to be born in Equestria in a future lifetime, one _must_ successfully complete the tasks set-forth for one's lifetime in order to merit, and in order for one's soul to be ready for, a lifetime in Equestria.  (And bear firmly in mind, choosing to “leave this world early” oneself, will _not_ merit a lifetime in Equestria.)

So, to use these files as a means of escape from one's human life and/or escape the reasons why one's spirit chose to live as a human being is unhealthy and foolish in the extreme.

So, what _can_ these files do for you?

First and foremost among the many positive things these files can do for you: these files can help draw you into closer alignment with the pony you are most like.  The files can help nurture and strengthen the Element(s) within yourself that are in harmony with the positive qualities of that pony.  These files can help you to see your own world and experiences through these positive qualities – helping you to see and enact solutions you might not have before, and to enjoy the process of doing so.

(For example: "What would Applejack do?" or "How would Twilight Sparkle handle this problem?"  Living in alignment with the Archetype most close with your heart, you will _know_ what your Archetype would do... and within reason you will know how how to safely make the best of what you have at-hoof and solve problems more successfully than most.)

And through living more and more in harmony with the qualities of the pony to which you are closest, you can begin to achieve things within your life that perhaps you may had been hesitant to even dream of doing before.

Through wise use of these files, you can bring the Element of Harmony with which you connect most closely more fully into your every-day life... bettering not only your own life, but also bettering the lives of those you touch.

These files are tools that help you live as Thoreau believed possible: If you endeavour to stride confidently in the direction of your goals, you will live a life undreamed of in common hours.

(Thus... fulfilling the goals one's spirit set for this lifetime... and possibly “earning” a future lifetime on a thread of reality that holds a world and beings that echoes what we see in FiM.)

Now... there also exists the possibility that through working with the files one may find that one actually has lived one or more lifetimes in threads of reality in which Equestria is indeed real.

This is more rare, yes... but it is possible.

If you find yourself to be one of these spirits, you have an even greater responsibility to live true to the pony you are in spirit.

Look around you.  This world is _very_ much in need of help.

If you did indeed come to this world from Equestria, I can only imagine that it was to bring with you something of your former lifetime/s that this world and her peoples very much need.

Of course, one must do so very carefully, (remember what happened to Jesus and others who tried to do good but “rocked the boat” too much while doing so).

And one must remember that homesickness must be seen as a tool to help motivate and inspire one to do one's very best... ...to “earn” a lifetime back home after the completion of the promises one's spirit made when coming here to this world to live a lifetime as a human being.

In the end... how do we know if any of this is true?

Likely, one will never “know for certain.”  Likely we mus simply “have faith” that what we feel in our hearts is true... for ourselves.

...One does draw oneself toward the balance of what one holds most dearly within one's mind and heart....

~Princess Celestia


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Re: Entry 93 - What these files can do... what these files can not do....

Post by Star Shard on Mon Dec 09, 2013 6:49 pm

Personally with Twilight Sparkle. I just reached an end point.
It felt like I was maxed out on the Twilight traits I could develop and felt disappointed in my never making any progress in others. 

It was around that time I discovered Star Shard.

There was no reset file during this period. No EXP just a fluid transition from one to the other.
I let myself drift and develop myself as she wanted. Oddly I am now far closer to Fluttershy, except perhaps a bit more learned or nerdy. And I think Rainbow Dash is rubbing of on me. But Twilight herself. She is practically gone for a large part. Like a teacher that passed her last piece of knowledge. Or an instrument that played its last tune in the orchestra of life. 

My memories of her life. Are at this moment interesting. Through I fear I still need to take a long time to properly get to know her or myself. There are still too many surprises about her that I keep discovering. 

I try to nurture her desires as if they are my own. But I fear that some of them are simply out of the question for now.

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Re: Entry 93 - What these files can do... what these files can not do....

Post by Bright Star on Mon Dec 09, 2013 8:10 pm

I will agree with Star Shard here, I believe I had gone as close to Tw1light as I possibly could have. Inside, there was a part of me that didn't want to Twilight as everytime I even tried to loop the file at night I somehow would wake up with my earbuds mysteriously taken off. Also, when I accidentally triggered into F1utters, I felt very comfortable with it for a while. Once I had my EKP that night though, I think my mind somehow managed to 'sort out' my more compatible traits and then those traits became two of my tulpae, Crystal2hy (who also seemed to gain several of my pre-hypno traits) and Icelight (who some ponies actually commented that she was more "Twilight" than I was as Tw1light).

I'm still glad go have traveled the Tw1light path (with the minor F1utters detour). Taking those paths led me to discover who I really am and set me right direction towards the Bright Star path.

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Re: Entry 93 - What these files can do... what these files can not do....

Post by Vergil on Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:36 am

With the files i just was so confused, as i didnt know which pony was the most like my inner self. After a while, and some dreams and long talks with my tulpa, i finally figured out one of my true selves. Which is a unicorn stallion, green, and the cutie mark is a yin yang of the sun and moon. I dont know exactly which file i could use to match that..but i think im going to restart with the ears file and go from there to become what i was meant to be.

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Re: Entry 93 - What these files can do... what these files can not do....

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