Progress is in Action

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Progress is in Action

Post by Rogue on Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:46 pm

Friday the thirteenth of December, two thousand and thirteen, zero seven hundred and fifteen hours.
Tue 13/12/2013 0715 / 07:15 AM

Early morning again. Earlier this time. Rather chilly actually. I left my window open though, not on purpose, but because I fell asleep at around 1700 / 5pm and I woke up at around 0530-0600 / 5:30-6:00am this morning. Woke up in a nice warm blanket yet found myself rather cold as soon as I got out of it. And when you live in Australia and it's summer, you don't really expect that type of temperature.

So far as to becoming more interactive with the forums, I haven't done so well exactly. I've been reading a few other journals and such, but really, that's it. I'm still working through my other stuff, but so far it's coming along well.

I'm basically getting every single thing in my wardrobe and throwing it onto the floor. Then I'm washing every single last piece of clothing (because I don't know what's clean, what's dirty, how long things have been in there and whatnot) then sorting them out. Another great thing is I have a senior uniform now, so I don't need the tens of pairs of junior clothing that my mum's gotten me over the years. Just a few pairs of senior clothing. Then I'm done with school clothing. Then I'll be sorting out my other clothing later.

I've also got to get new bed sheets, blankets, pillows, etc. Hopefully a new mattress. If not, I'll use my Christmas money to get one. A new computer can wait. Who needs one when you have heaven to lay on, right? *giggles a little at his own excitement*

Hopefully I'll be getting a part time job soon too so I can get money for a new computer. That way I won't have to keep begging my mum for stuff >.>
Not because I don't like getting free stuff. I just hate asking my family for stuff. I'd rather kiss my dogs butt. ... on second thoughts, no. My dog farts and it isn't safe doing that.

Moving on! I've been having some sleep problems lately. The ones I don't want. I've been sleeping too much. First my body used to sleep for four hours a day, naturally. Then it went to six. Then it went to eight. Then it went to ten. And now it's on twelve to thirteen. All in the past week. I don't think that's good. If there's anyone with insomnia and they know a way to trade sleeping habits, I'll gladly swap with you.

And as for my Order of Operations.

  1. Finish of my short story / back log based story - Almost done.
  2. Try to get into the swing of the forums - Not yet.
  3. Sort out my room - In progress.
  4. Prepare for senior years next year - In progress.
  5. Start my profiling - Not started.
  6. Start private files for friends x-mas presents - Not started.
  7. Start my writing - Started.
  8. Sort out my clothes/wardrobe - In progress.
  9. Set my mentality straight - Constantly readjusting.

That's all I have for now.

As always, thanks for reading, leave whatever so I can see and have happiness and whatnot. You all know I like reading responses.

I hope you enjoyed and I will see you in  my next adventure.

Through Time and Space

Friday the thirteenth of December, two thousand and thirteen, zero seven hundred and forty-six hours.
Tue 13/12/2013 0746 / 7:46am.

- Permanent Imprint

PS - Excuse the layout, testing some things
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Re: Progress is in Action

Post by Bright Star on Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:49 pm

*swings the textback and forth as she reads the entry due to a bug while reading journals with centered or right justified text*

Nice to hear from ya, Imprint. Hope you and all those with ya are doing well.

Now as for the sleep, I'd wonder if your body is just simply catching up on the many many hours of sleep that you've lost previously. I'm no sleep expert, really, but just a thought.

Bright Star

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Re: Progress is in Action

Post by Star Shard on Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:59 pm

Our mind only needs a night or two to adapt. It seems more likely that your body is slipping in a different rithm. Perhaps you are currently doing stuff you dont like? And sleeping in is a escape?

Star Shard
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Re: Progress is in Action

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