entry 58- tagged

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entry 58- tagged

Post by KrazyDashie on Tue Dec 17, 2013 10:07 pm

hay everypony!

well! awesome news :3 today i was just walking, and i could have sworn i heard the sounds of hooves hitting the ground. (especially on hard floor) you would know that i was trotting on solid floor, if you heard them (like i did) i heard it more when i dont have shoes on, but even with shoes it sounds like hooves hitting dirt or something.

anyway, on to the topic. ive been getting alot and alot more competitive, even with stuff that isnt a race. like today in PE, me, and three other ponies were playing tag... (yea... we did) and boy did i ever try to tag em all XD also, i kinda found a way through free tags too (heh. i thought of so many ways to get em Toungue) like one time i seen them run out the gym (im taged) and i run to the only other door open, and hide behind that one. somepony comes to me to ask what im doing, but then she just stood there. then the ponies who im trying to tag, comes, all i hear is "wait a sec" *hoof is about to tag* "OH S****" *runs out of the way* also... another time there was confusion about who was it and such, even i didnt know i was tagged, till somepony said i was, so i turn around, one pony walks over to me with a confused look, and i shrug. acting casual, and i pass him and slap his back with my hoof and flew out of there. (well, lets just say ran like heck Toungue) anyway, i tagged a ton of ponies, and the whole time im was kinda making it a competition xD

up on her cloud,


-stay awesome :3
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Re: entry 58- tagged

Post by Cheese Sandwich on Tue Dec 17, 2013 10:08 pm

hehe thats wonderful news dashie!

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