Entry 95 - A Humbling Dinner

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Entry 95 - A Humbling Dinner

Post by Guest on Fri Dec 20, 2013 11:59 am


Tonight, my dragon and I are going to be having dinner tonight with a fellow physician friend of his who often works at the same hospital as he.  This friend of Spike's  travels around the world, lending knowledge, experience, and services free to those in need.

Recently, this friend was mentioned in an article in the NY Times about a self-trained doctor who treats the indigenous peoples of Mexico who for various reasons are not able to be seen by state hospitals.  This physician/friend, when able, flies to remote locations including the one mentioned in the article to bring trained medical experience to help local doctors and others in need.


This upcoming dinner, along with a question I was asked last night, got me to thinking....

The question I was asked was, in essence, “How do I justify calling myself Celestia?”

It was a very simple question, an honest question that I have often asked myself as well: Whomever I have been in past-lives, (coincidences, and Readings/Spells aside,) how do I justify calling myself Celestia in this life?

In the end, it boils-down to one thing:

Are the things that I do, and the things that I have done, in alignment with, (do I live-up-to,) my archetype: the Archetype of Princess Celestia?

Am I “going above and beyond,” “going out of my way” to always stand for good and Light and never compromising with evil in a manner that to the best of the ability of this human body, is worthy of Princess Celestia?

My answer?

I have a long way to go, but my hooves are on the path.

It does not matter if anypony aside from my mate knows the path of my spirit -- such things are essentially private.  (My being here does not make me Celestia -- my being Celestia draws me to helping here so long as this place truly strives for alignment with Equestria.)

It is by how I will have lived this life that I will be judged, (and that my spirit will judge itself,) and where I go next will be decided.

[/b]This is why for me this is not, and never has been, a game[/b].

These tools give us all a way for us all to live up to something greater than who we may have been before in these human lives of ours.

Through these tools we can live beyond abusive upbringings, we can transcend bullying, we can rise beyond what “the masses” say is “good enough for having tried.”

When I talk about “Living one's Element,” I don't mean just living up to a single Element of Harmony as represented by FiM's interpretation of Ms. Faust's channeled vision of our world and lives.  When I talk about “Living one's Element,” I mean _also_ learning from and embodying the harmonics of the other elements as well:

•  Rainbow Dash's drive to excel
•  Rarity's creativity and generosity
•  Pinkie's ability to find the bright side of  any situation
•  Fluttershy's compassion
•  Applejack's honesty and work-ethic
•  Twilight Sparkle's drive for self-excellence, knowledge, and application of both

...And the other Elements of Harmony that the show's writers did not choose to include in their half-hour condensations of our world.

It would be my dearest hope that each and every one of us who take these tools seriously, can use the tools to inspire themselves to live greater lives than they might have done before; to break beyond parents, teachers, or classmates telling them what they could or could not do.

...To become human beings who, as in this one possibility of many: the physician-friend of my dragon who finds ways to travel to remote places of the world to help in the ways in which s/he can... simply because it is the right thing to do.

It does not matter whether to any-one else you are acknowledged as Fluttershy (a healer who's compassion rivals that of HH The Dali Lama,) or Rainbow Dash who strives for awesomeness in all she does... or Applejack who never shies away from a job she needs to tackle... or Pinkie who helps others get through the hardest of times... or Rarity who gives so much of herself and creates such beauty in the process... or Twilight who strives to make the world a better place... or any of the other Elements or combinations thereof...

...What matters is that through our actions... we can look at ourselves and _know_ that we are...  ...and that we forever strive to be more and more true to... our Element(s).



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Re: Entry 95 - A Humbling Dinner

Post by Twilight[Tay] on Fri Dec 20, 2013 6:32 pm

I often tell myself that others as far luckier than I. An example of such luck and opportunity is here. How interesting I would find it, talking to such a talented and compassionate person - and you receive the chance. It truly will be a lovely experience for you, and I hope you enjoy it.

What you said about "living beyond abusive upbringings" and "transcending bullying" hit me hard. I, for one, have been a victim of both (although the second in far greater magnitude than the first), and this paragraph and phrase made me think a lot about what I have been through. It almost feels as though I would not be here if it weren't for all the friends I have made. I would have left long ago without returning if I had felt unwanted or ignored. I am not an attention-seeking pony, but nor do I like being left alone in the darkness. I don't share anything, and I stay quite reserved without other people, but I can openly confess and express my feelings here. I have essentially been barred from any online communication "for my own sake", but I believe that, without you all, I would have fallen victim to far more serious depression that I have now. All of this, and my involvement in this community, are against my house rules. Even me sitting here, typing this, is disallowed. Every word of it. But I still continue. Why?

Because I could not live without you all as my friends. I would not know how beautiful life can be, and how to improve it for others.

My attitude has changed a lot since I arrived here. I had an especially negative outlook on life, sometimes wishing myself away to my own little corner. I still do this, but I feel far more sociable than the nervous wreck I was before. Bullying and disconnection from my best friends led me far into my own self-hatred, some of which can still be evident often, but I was pulled from this area by all of the members of this community. Almost all the members. I became a well-established member, and I finally felt that my life meant something. and it does.

I don't exactly know how to end this, apart from a thank you to all of you for welcoming me in the way you have. I couldn't be as I am without all of you.

-Twilight Sparkle


Good friends will carry you where money won't go.
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Re: Entry 95 - A Humbling Dinner

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:03 am

Oh Twiley, I am so sorry to hear that you have been the subject of such abuses....

I am so grateful that we all have been able to be here for you in our own ways to help give you the strength to carry on.  This world very much needs your kind, inspired, intelligent touch upon it.

The person with whom Spike and I met last night was just an inspiration.  Hearing him/her talk about his/her experiences in third-world countries... hearing how much s/he believes in meditation as a tool to change one's life for the positive... it gave me hope and heart to know that each and every one of us _does_ matter and _can_ make a difference.

Be strong, Twilight Sparkle... have faith in your heart and what you know to be your path in life to bring good into this world.

With care and compassion,
~Princess Celestia


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Re: Entry 95 - A Humbling Dinner

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