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Post by Rogue on Sun Dec 29, 2013 11:41 am

Oh boy. 

This place is really going hay wire. 
You all claim that you wish to make harmony among us all.
So then please explain to everyone, why the -snip!- are you making a hierarchy system.

You have HL, with the big bloody banners which take up half the space!
Everyone else has small bloody lines, one line two show they have a journal.
That's all we get. One bloody line.

Look at the moderation system. Throwing people in there as soon as they get into HL.
It's all a load of crap.

I get upset, or I want to talk about something, I try.
I act so paranoid all the time, and when I finally build up the courage to say something, I get pushed back down because other people are more important than I am.

I try to help people, and they reject my help, basically spit it in my face.
I help people who don't spit it in my face, only to find out later, that I didn't help as much as I was told I did.
Really -snip!- helpful for someone who only gets happy from helping.

Seriously, it's complete crap.

During my time here, I've been constantly lied to, had biased opinions thrown at me, had my own morals knocked about, been judged, because I don't call someone a friend straight of the -snip!- bat and been told to just deal with it, when I've been unfairly punished.

That's another -snip!- thing.
"Just deal with it"
Oh yeah, a mod deals out a punishment and I should "just deal with it".
This is the type of -snip!-, the many others have spoken to me about.
The fact that a lot of us feel threatened, so that we don't speak up and have our voices heard. 
Because when the mods make a choice, everyone else just "deals with it."
Nobody ever protests or makes an argument, they just follow along like little lambs.
A lot of people don't even think it's worth fighting for anymore. That I'm wasting my time.
Then what would I be?
Just another person who decided to take what he was served, even though the food caused me to be sick?
I'm not eating this -snip!- anymore.

This system just makes me, and a lot of others feel sick to the core.
And I know that there's two things that may or may not happen after this.
This gets ignored, or heard for a moment, then slowly brushed away and they current -snip!- system keeps going on.
Or two.
Others actually see what I'm trying to say, then have the courage to voice their own opinion. To have their say, for once, instead of just "dealing with it".

I really hope I don't get -snip!- brushed off to the side again. Just because I'm only one person, that doesn't make it -snip!- right to ignore my voice, let alone anyone else's.

If you see this as a waste of time. Look at the bigger picture.
Look at the fights for gay and women rights.
Look at the years of war over religion and tiny mistakes.
Look at the several million deaths over opinions.
Look at the successions that have come from those.
Look at the changes that have come from those.

I want to make a change without having my voice rammed back down my throat for once.
I want some form of authority to make a fair choice for once.
I want this hierarchy system to come to an end.
I want everyone to be treated equally. 
I want everyone to be given the same rights as others.

So do so many others who are too scared to show their voice.

AND if you try to question how strong I am when it comes to standing up for myself.
Just you wait. You'll see how much I care about my opinion. How much I care about harmony.

You claim to want harmony. Yet you create a hierarchy system.
Stop lying to yourselves. See the difference between the two.

- A Person Who Is Not Afraid To Stand Up
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Re: Revolution

Post by Dapper[Twily]{Spike} on Sun Dec 29, 2013 12:45 pm

Why have you never asked me? Why have you never asked anypony for my Skype so you could say something to me about what you might have liked, disliked, and wanted to see?

HL is a group of friends who have a strong link to each other, and honestly there's probably going to wind up being more groups like HL created in the future. I've never heard about any punishments towards you. The staff is working its absolute hardest to give you and others the best experience it can provide. When someone is banned, they do such in the hopes that it will manetain peace here in this forum. And while we still do not have a perfect moderation system, we're still working on it. I'm still trying to find ways the forum can be improved and thinking about how to implement such things.

You claim you want harmony too. Yet you make threads like these.
Stop lying to yourself. See the difference between the two.

- A Pony Who Is Not Afraid To Respond

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Re: Revolution

Post by Fluttershy[Ditz] on Sun Dec 29, 2013 1:02 pm

[I've moderated and administrated over many communities over the last couple years, and I've seen this exact thing happen before. So, on that note, let me be as clear as possible.

You, Imprint, are a constant source of contention in chat and in direct violation of multiple rules concerning appropriate behavior and posting methods. This post itself is disrespectful and in bad taste towards many of the wonderful ponies who I've grown to love and care for over the last year. Because of this I will be locking this topic until further notice.

I agree that some things need to change, but trying to start an all out rebellion and cause even more contention then you already have is no way to confront that. A better course of action would have been to suggest your side of things to one of the current staff you trust. Had you done that you'd have found that much on Pony Hypnosis is not as you think. Rather you decided that fighting all who you felt had wronged you was the correct course of action. 

I'll let you in on a little secret though, the sooner you learn that people respond better to helpful suggestions and peaceful negotiations, the sooner you'll find peace in your dealings with others.

You're now on probation, so consider yourself officially warned. Trying to better the community we all love is perfectly fine, but the next time I see any sort of contention or discord from you, I will not hesitate to ban you. I'll also be talking to various other staff about this, so you should hope a warning is all you get. 

Tldr; if you feel hypno ponies could use an improvement, please let a staff member know. We care very much about maintaining the best possible community for pony hypnosis. Do NOT however use contention or threats of rebellion to try and get your way. This should be obvious already, but apparently not everyone has figured that out yet. :/ 

Most Sincerely,

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Re: Revolution

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