01.11.14. Point in case -- I mean...

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01.11.14. Point in case -- I mean...

Post by Axel on Sat Jan 11, 2014 1:47 pm

So... I haven't done a journal entry in two weeks! Talk about procrastination!

In recent news, two new memories have come to me. Here's the first:

"Grampa, show me how to sail!"
I can't see my grandfather, but there's a very grandfatherly presence near me. I'm looking straight at the source, my brown eyes wide with admiration.
The boat begins to slowly sail across the lake.

"Faster! I want to go faster!"

The boat speeds up. My long maroon mane is flying in the wind, freshwater spraying in my face.

That's the end of that. I enjoyed that one. The next one happens when I'm older:

A large, ornately decorated carriage has pulled up to a wooded area and a park. Straight ahead is a dining hall.

I climb out and escort a lovely mare to the diner, where we sit and make small talk. The next few minutes seem to fly by as we order our drinks and continue talking.
I remember blushing a lot; she must be flirting with me or something...

I'm a little surprised that such a thing happened - I'm not exactly a romantic person in this world. Toungue
Anyway, that's all for now. See ya next time.

-{Axel and Misty}-

"The evening hangs beneath the moon, a silver thread on darkened dune.
With closing eyes and resting head; I know that sleep is coming soon.
Upon my pillow, safe in bed, a thousand pictures fill my head,
I cannot sleep, my mind's a-flight; and yet my limbs seems made of lead.
If there are noises in the night, a frightening shadow, flickerering light;
Then I surrender unto sleep, where clouds of dream give second sight.
What dreams may come, both dark and deep--of flying wings and soaring leap?
As I surrender unto sleep..." ~Charles Anthony Silvestri
Remember to love today.
"It's a healthy practice to think of at least five impossible things that have occurred every morning."
[So, like paradoxes?]
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