Journal Introduction

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Journal Introduction

Post by DrGuthrie on Wed Jan 22, 2014 7:44 pm

Hello there my name is DrGuthrie most people just call me Guthrie. I have read a lot of different journals from here but never made an account or even thought about making a journal myself. Now that I have gotten through a lot of interesting stuff in my life I decided to write this to help anyone who might be going through similar problems.
       Here is what makes this journal different is I have never done any hypnosis yet and I do not believe I am ever going to(sorry). As strange as it sounds through my life I have just been naturally like Fluttershy. So to help explain this I am going to tell you guys my sort of life story leading up to today in the next couple of posts and after that this thing will probably go into a regular journal type thing will I will write what happens to me and what I learn through it.
       Sorry if you want to hear about session outcomes or advice like that but I hope you still stay around to read my stuff because I feel I have a lot of things to say that might help you live life as shy horse in this social world. (Oh and I am going to warn you that I tend to say sorry a lot even in text form so sorry if the use of sorry gets annoying) 

- Super Awkward Sorry

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