Post #89 Sugarcubes with Twilighty and Rare

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Post #89 Sugarcubes with Twilighty and Rare

Post by Cheese Sandwich on Tue Feb 04, 2014 4:19 pm

^-^ HIYA PONIES! This is my second time writing this journal! OKAY! so! Last night I had my first actual factual dream about being pinkie! Here's how it went!!!!!!

So! Im walking and stuff around sugarcube corner! You know making the ponies there happy! Mrs. Cake is behind the counter and Mr. cake is in the back making some more sweets! Then! Twilight and Rarity came in! Remembering that I had sent them invitation to come over for a visit! So I give them a silly Pinkie Hello! Which included balloons and confetti! So rarity then explained to me that fluttershy couldn't make it because she had to take care of an animal, Which was a teeny bit sad, but i got over it within 3 seconds! Anyways! while Rarity was explaining her new new new fashion line! (i think it was called..... actually i dont remember) while she was explaining however Twilight was just staring at me! like she knew me, but she was looking at a stranger! So i asked her if she was okay! she said she was and I just giggled... BUT! then Twilight said something to me that kind of made me breathless and confused.... she said "Pinkie Pie... are you alright? You don't seem like yourself" and right before I could answer "yes silly!" my alarm in my bedroom went off ;-;

BUT! The dream felt soooo realistic! almost a little too realistic! Like..... everything I saw was.... detailed, and I wasn't even looking at myself talk! I was looking through my own eyes!!!! *giggles* it was awesome!

ALSO! before I go X3 I woke up feeling my tail XD hasn't gone away yet, but I don't ever ever EVER want it to leave! its soooooo cute and pink and fluffy!!!!! *hugs my tail and giggle*

Okie Dokie Loki ponies! Ill see you allllllll very very soon! Bya!!!!!!!!!!

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