Fluttershy Hypnosis Journal #2

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Fluttershy Hypnosis Journal #2

Post by Hidden_Palace on Tue Feb 04, 2014 5:55 pm

Time: 8:40 AM
Listened to: fluttershy-3.0a-edited
Mood:  Tired,

The experience I had on Monday was a Very Strong Presence, and Today was no exception...
Still lacking the Full Touch Sensations but Getting better,
After The Countdown took me Back under I found myself somewhere new...  Elegant place, Purple Drapes, Jewels... The Carousel Boutique?...

 Big Grin "I am so Glad you came to help Fluttershy Dear, I just need you to Model these new Dresses So I can advertise them for the Boutique."

I recognized her voice Immediately, When My Vision cleared up there I was in front of a Mirror with Rarity Ruffling up the Collar around my neck... This Dress was actually kind of Elegant... Being a guy outside of my entranced state I felt a little Awkward about it... until I looked at my Pony Self in the Mirror...

For what it's worth The dress on Fluttershy made me Look all the more Beautiful...

I think she liked the compliment I could feel myself having a moment of gleefulness after thinking that...

 Fs Grin "I'm always Glad to help you Rarity."  I managed to say...  I'm not so sure about telling anypony I meet about what Fluttershy and I are doing, using Hypnosis to become one...  How they'd React, what they'd say....  I don't think I'd want to cause you any trouble Flutters...

 Fs Huh (You wouldn't)  I heard ring through my Head

The dress I was wearing for Rarity was my Favorite Colour,  Blue, Shiny, Soft, with a long Skirt Covering my hind-end and Tail the design seems similar to my Gala Dress, Just More Blue, Less Butterflies...  I didn't mind.  Blue Gems Lined around the Ruffled Collar...  I could see Rarity Slaved over this one... 

I had to ask Fluttershy "This one is Gorgeous... Can you Afford this Dress?  I think it looks perfect on you."

 Fs Shy  "I think I could afford it... Do you really like it?"

I Answered to her "Of Course I do... Look at yourself, I think it looks really good on you."

Another Moment of Blushing on her Part...

 Big Grin  "Are you Alright Dear?  You're Blushing!"

 Squee  "Oh Yes I'm Fine Rarity...  Actually I was wondering How Much would you want for this Dress?  I have a friend who would love to see this Dress on me, I decided I want to keep this so I can show them when I can."

 Big Grin  "You Like it that much to Dear?... Well Perhaps 250 Bits?"

(We checked our Saddlebag)

 Squee  "Here you go Rarity."  And I handed Rarity the Bits she had asked for... making the dress ours.

We Left the Boutique just before sunset,  When We Made it back to the Cottage We Pulled Fluttershy's new Dress out of the special Cover that Rarity had it fit into and Slipped it back on...  Admiring Fluttershy in the Mirror...

 Wink  "Thank you for talking me into buying this Dress, I liked it too... but I wasn't sure about buying it."

I responded "I think it was a Good buy for you...  Everypony deserves to look Beautiful, and You're no exception."

 Yay  "You're Spoiling me you know."  A Cute Giggle escapes her lips "But I don't mind. So long as we don't overdo it...  You spoil me, so sometime I'll have to spoil you."

Fluttershy looked at me as I stared back as her Reflection in the Mirror allowed me to speak to her I guess.... "How are you going to do that?"

 Fs Grin  "We've bonded haven't we?...  I know your thoughts now too...  You've been honest with me... told me things, I know what you like... what you don't...  I'll think of something, I promise.:

I wanted to hug her.... But in her body that was impossible... So I wrapped my hooves around my own body and Hugged myself tightly...  She Laughed

 Fs Yay "You're a Sweetie"  (I notice she looks at the Clock)  "It's almost 4:40 in the Afternoon...  Do you need to wake?"

I sighed...  I had Work later Tonight and I needed to get up and be ready...

"Yes...  I'm sorry Fluttershy, I want to spend more time with you..."

 Fs Wince "Don't be sad, I'll always be here when you need me, You know the way back... You have the key, and I'll be waiting for you.  Have a Good night at Work..... Tim."

"Revert to Normal"
Time: 4:45 PM
Mood:  Refreshed Awake, and a little sad...

I miss spending time with my Little Fluttershy...  but at least I know she knows I care about her... and I know she's looking forward to when we meet again...

So until tomorrow Morning when I venture back to Equestria, We're willing to wait it out...

Thank you Fluttershy.  Fs Yay

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Re: Fluttershy Hypnosis Journal #2

Post by Cheese Sandwich on Tue Feb 04, 2014 6:04 pm

awwwwww thats sweet ^-^

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Re: Fluttershy Hypnosis Journal #2

Post by Vergil on Fri Feb 28, 2014 1:02 pm

Thats so sweet of her. So very sweet... I know when I myself have dreams...I dream about Equestria, my tulpa Joyce, my family, my mother....It pains me everytime I have to wake up because I miss them a lot.

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Re: Fluttershy Hypnosis Journal #2

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