Second.. 4/2/2014

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Second.. 4/2/2014

Post by CrescentStar{Digi} on Wed Feb 05, 2014 2:07 am

Normal: Well not much happened today out of the norm, I'm waiting on a package that has my iPad protector..

Tulpamancy: I'm having a hard time finding things to say to digi.. I did try several times, going to lay down after writing to work on our wonderland and try to talk some. Though he did help me learn something.. I may need to warn, if you dun like personal talk don't look...
So I decided to talk with Digi wile I was on the crapper. Thanks to clearing my mind I noticed something. I suffer from constipation followed by diarrhea a lot, due to not having money for a good diet. Well sometimes it gets so bad I feel I wanna vomit. After pushing it out this time I noticed a smell.. The feces I had and a thought popped in my head that made sense. It was the smell of myself that made me sick.
So thank you digi for helping pointing that out, I'll be sure to use the info next time.

Hypnosis: oh gods I did it, listened to twilight twice tonight..
First attempt~ well I got about 40 seconds in before skype dinged in my ear... Grand. Shut it down and restart. Then a minute later my boyfriend barges in the bedroom to tell me something about his game that has no relevance to me. X.x third time was not the charm a couple minutes in again one of our cats was in the bedroom and wanted out to the other one... Crap. Welp frustration levels rising I finally get it, for about 15 minutes. Out of nowhere sky, which I shut down, beeps 3 times in a row ruining my consentration, angry I just gave up..
Attempt 2~ ok I asked my mate for no interruptions for 40 minutes, sure that allowing him on the computer when he isn't supposed to be would garentee all foreseeable things to not interrupt. I even shut down my iPad sounds. 20 bucking minutes into the hypnosis my boyfriend barges in the door ruining my trance.. I coulda murdered him, he used the excuse "I didn't hear anything so I thought you fell asleep." I wanted to murder him.
 Otherwise I really didn't get to much outa listening to them. The first time was a little stronger then the second. I listened to the twilight 3.0 file. I kinda felt proud and happy when he mentioned some of the good things that happened and there was a slight tingle in my feet, horn, and tail.. I had a hard time with the visualization part.

Once again thanks for reading.
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Re: Second.. 4/2/2014

Post by Star Shard on Wed Feb 05, 2014 5:12 am

Oh my, that is personal stuff..

Sorry to hear you had such a bad luck finding a calm enviroment. it seems somebody needs a talk about barging in.

Star Shard
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