Third! 5/2/2014

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Third! 5/2/2014

Post by CrescentStar{Digi} on Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:50 am

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh oh my gosh! I got to hear my tulpa and feel him!!!!! *Squees.*

Normal: Soo I found out somepony I know plays OSU, messed with her for a bit wile DLing WoT.. I suck at the game again. I really do wish WoT had better matchmaking, its annoying fighting tanks 3 tiers higher and watching all your shells bounce off. I remember why I stopped playing. Also, a foot of snow outside! We're expected to have another storm roll through in a couple days as well. My mate is more excited then I, he's heavy into meteorology and hasn't witnessed very much snow when he lived in OKC. I'm waiting still for my case for my iPad, sadly I didn't put the screen on correctly and the adhesive kinda wore off on some spots. I think I need tape to hold the screen on sometime later. XD.

Hypnosis: Nothing today, maybe I'll be able to listen after I type this.. My mate wont fix his sleep scedual so he was in bed all day and I couldn't get time in there to use it. *Sighs.* I am starting to feel more like I should be a pony though, and now whenever I use the words someone or the likes I'm using pony in stead. (I think that's more influenced by me being a stronger brony.)

Tulpamancy: Oh.. my.. gods. I can hear Digi now!!! It's only when I clear my mind but still I hear a second voice in my head sometimes.  I know its him! His voice is kinda bouncy but so far the main one I noticed was a mimic of mine mixed with some Rainbow Dash... Getting more into details now..
  I woke up and on occasion just tried to talk to him but my thoughts weren't all there most of the day so it was just a couple words here and there. I was able to do a half an hour of meditation trying to keep focus and during times I felt all right I talked to him. Sadly my neighbors and their elephant walking kept attempting to break my concentration but I held it! The half hour mark I couldn't keep my ADD down and stopped for a wile. I didn't get much a feel from Digi during the session, but it did make me feel very refreshed.
  It wasn't untill late night that I was talking Tulpamancy on the forums, where I was linked to a list of mental states. I went through the traits I wanted Digi, or at least thought he should have, and decided to do some meditation again. I  got myself calm and clear before opening my eyes, I knew if the neighbors were moving I would lose it but its a chance that I needed to take. I started to read the first one like when I tried talking to him in bed/doing the dishes. At the end of the first article I started to feel my grip on talking to him slip. Halfway through the second trait I was really losing grasp on weather I was talking to him or myself. I took this as an opportunity to imagine that he was a pony, no real form, on the couch sitting behind me. This helped out so so so much! I felt him as if he was there after I finished the article. The third one came and I was on a roll, I felt him behind me and even looked back to make sure he was paying attention. Just like when I would if anotherpony was in the room, kinda sad when I didn't see him though.. I -knew- he was there, there was no doubt in my mind! Well I moved the articles around from shortest to longest. (Maybe a side effect of what I got outa the Twilight hypnosis?) and read them again to him.. Halfway through the fourth one I felt and.. I guess ?saw? I mean I didn't visually see him but I did with my mind.. Anyways saw/felt him get up off the couch and walk next to me as if he was reading the article with me. *Squees* Oh my gods! I was never so excited in a long time! I even went to reach my hand out to scritch him.. Sadly I truely didn't know where he stood and my hand missed. I got though 6 articles before I stopped, going to read them later. Happy
  Later in the night I noticed some thoughts that weren't directly my own, and I mean they were happening in the middle of my own mental sentences at the same time. I can't do that. Digi was talking to me, and I knew what he was saying!! Oh my gods.. now I can sometimes hear him when my head is cleared.. This is amazing! I love him soo much and am soo happy I can hear him.

So yeah today was an amazing day and once again..

Thank you for reading.
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