Fluttershy Hypnosis Journal #4

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Fluttershy Hypnosis Journal #4

Post by Hidden_Palace on Thu Feb 06, 2014 7:09 pm

Time:  9:52AM
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 Fs Stern   "You're Late Mister, I've been waiting for you"  I was teased with upon waking up

I apologized quickly and then asked "What will we be doing today?"

She Responded "Well, We're going to Sweet Apple Acres Today We got stuff to do."  And she smiled

I noticed that she was wearing the Dress we bought before...  "Why would you wear something Fancy to the Apple Farm?"

 Fs Wink  "You'll See" ^^

So We Walked from Fluttershy's Treehouse Cottage out to Sweet Apple Acres, toward the big Red Barn.
upon entering we heard A Squeal of Happiness along with a Huge Bang

 Pinkie Pie Partytime  "Surprise!"

That scared the Hell out of me... okay now it's time to ask...

"What's going on?... Whats the Surprise?..."

 Pinkie Pie Sad  "Well See Fluttershy I was told by you Earlier that you had a Friend named Tim who had a birthday not too long ago... Since we missed out I threw a Party for him in His Honour!"  There came Pinkie's Recognizable Giggle

"Wait, you Told Pinkie about me?"

 Fs Grin  "I told all My Friends about you... Don't be nervous, We're all Friendly.  Pinkie just wanted to welcome you in her own way and since we're only 5 days Removed from your Birthday she wanted to throw you one before the end of the week"

There was plenty of Conversing through the Time I was there, so much of it I can't remember too many Conversations...  I spoke to The others... Learned some things about them. I got to try a few things I've wondered what would taste like,  A Cake Pinkie made for Example...  Super Duper Sweet as Funnerer Would've said, I laughed and thought to myself if Maybe this was Funnerer's own Hypnotic State, But I don't know...  How would any of us know for sure?... 

I got curious and Approached Applejack to ask her "Do you know when Zap Apples will be in Season?"   My Reasoning is simple, I really would like to try one 

 Applejack Conceited  "They won't be in Season Yet Sugarcube but Rest assured, when they are Y'all will know, I'll have Fluttershy bring a small Barrel Home with her when they are."

"That would be Wonderful." Score!  Someday I get to try a Zap Apple, that's gonna be sweet!

 Fs Shy  "Umm Tim...  I don't want to make you panic but we're you supposed to be up before 6:00PM?"

"Before 6:00?  Yeah...  Why is it 6:00 Already?"

 Fs Sad   "Yes...  I'm sorry...  You looked like you were having such a Great time I wanted you to enjoy it as much as you could."

I wasn't upset at all...  "Fluttershy it's fine, I still have a few hours before work I just needed to wake up is all...  Thank you so much for all of this...  you and Pinkie...  This was a Fun little Party.  Everything was Wonderful."

I felt myself Blush...  Fluttershy must've been flattered...

"I'll be back tomorrow Morning Fluttershy...  And again thank you so much!"

 Fs Smug  "You know, Part of me wishes you didn't have to leave... But I understand Tim...  Have a Good night at Work...  You said this is your last night on Night shifts then you switch to Day shifts on Monday right?..."

"That's Right!"

 Fs Yay  "Then We'll spend even more time together when you come home tomorrow Morning and We see each other again! That'll make me Happy"

Before I could Trigger myself to normal I think I felt a small peck on my cheek...  Did she?

 Fs Grin  "See you Soon Tim!" ^^

"See you soon Fluttershy!"

"Revert to normal"

Mood:  Refreshed, Awake, a little grumpy cause I don't wanna go to work...

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