Fifth. 7/2/2014

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Fifth. 7/2/2014

Post by CrescentStar{Digi} on Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:58 am

All right! Welcome to the fifth installment of what I did or did not do wrong! XD Let's get this recap started.

Normal life: Not to much exciting here. I haven't felt well rested the last two days and had to take a nap midway thought, I dunno why this is. I think this pony thing may be going a bit far, I catch myself thinking everypony instead of everyone.. x.x It's fun though.

Tulpamancy: I didn't do anything heavy today in the way of forcing. I chatted a little with my tulpa very lightly, can't get any kind of major conversation out of him yet. Its weird cause sometimes when I ask digi something or he tries to say something it comes out like static. (Best way to describe.) But since I felt better this morning, I was able to hear him better. Later in the day when I got on to play my games I couldn't hear him at all. So I'm guessing his voice isn't strong enough yet to drown out the rest of my thoughts. O well I'm really happy when he does talk. I also noticed that he is a bit of a... brat I guess would be the best word for him.

Hypnosis: ZOMG! I had 40 minutes to myself and went through it! Bad news is I really didn't feel anything other then falling asleep, and halfway towards the end my body did 3 spasms, first was a major leg twitch, then a full body spasm, finally another leg twitch. I think it kinda worked? I dunno how better to explain but I kinda have a vague thought that I should have a horn and sometimes think it may be there. But the feeling is way to weak.. I hope I can do it again without interruption.

Soo I think tulpamancy is my strong thing here where as hypnosis will be the one that will take a wile to get a hold of. And as always,
Thank you for reading. Happy
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