Fluttershy Hypnosis Journal #5 & #6

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Fluttershy Hypnosis Journal #5 & #6

Post by Hidden_Palace on Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:26 pm

Time: Saturday Feb 8th  1:02 A.M
Trance induced with Trigger

Unfortunately This Trance seemed to be very Brief...

I induced the Trigger when getting ready for Bed and when I woke in the trance itself time seemed to be moving really fast...

I remember Talking to Fluttershy some more...  She Asked me if I had a pet or animals that I cared for...

I told her about my Cat Ki, How I raised her From Kitten to Cat, she seemed delighted to hear about her.

But I guess I kinda got carried away with talking about her...  Fluttershy didn't interrupt she was listening pretty intently actually.

When I finally had to get up and Reverted to normal I realised I wasted the entire time with her just yammering on about Myself and my Cat and then didn't even let her talk to me about Angel or whatever she wanted...  I felt bad...  I hope when I induce the Trance tomorrow night it'll be a little better

"Revert to Normal"
Time:  5:00 A.M...
Mood:  A Little upset...

Sunday Feb 9th
Time: 1:09AM
Mood:  Tired
Trance induced by trigger
When I woke this time I apologised to Fluttershy about overly blabbering and not letting her talk to me before I woke up...

 Fs Panic  "EEK! Calm Down Tim it's alright, I asked you to tell me about your Kitty cat remember?"

I told her that I still felt bad and I wanted to make it up to her somehow...  Thats when she got an Idea...

 Fs Huh  "We're going to get you used to Angel Bunny."

So As Fluttershy I walked toward Angel and tried to be gentle and nice... Angel at first would not come over to me... While I was Fluttershy I think Angel knew She wasn't exactly herself... I still need time to fully get used to Being Flutters so I don't make Angel Nervous or just oblivious to me...

I managed to get Angel to come to me when I offered Carrots and gave a chipmunk call similar to what I do to my Cat to get her to come to me...

After awhile Angel got close enough so I pet Her... she seems okay when she's not temperamental.

On top of that my Experience became more interesting when Fluttershy received a Letter in the Mail... it was From Discord...

It Read:

Dearest Fluttershy,
Word has it you have another new friend, in your head of all places.
This is interesting who is this Tim, you've been talking about?
What is he? Where is he? and more importantly When do I get to meet Tim?
I would think My Best Buddy in the whole world would want me to get to know her Friends... Since I know The other Boring 5 I was so thrilled to find out there's someone new.

Eventually I will have to come down and see this Tim Thing Up Close and Personal.  Do not Worry I will not Frighten it... I may bother it but We'll see when I get to see what Tim is... 

T'Ta Buddy See you Really Soon...


 Fs Scared  "Oh My...  Seems Discord's going to want to meet you soon."

"Do I have to?..."

 Fs Sad  "If I don't introduce the two of you Discord might become Offended...  Are you sure you don't want to?  I promise he'll be nice..."

"The Letter says things a little Different..."

 Fs Grin  "But Discord Understands when I think he pushes too far...  I think I can convince him to be nice to you."

"But Remember... We share your Body... isn't that going to... weird him out?"

  Fs Yay  "*Laughs*  Oh Tim it's Discord, Weirding him out is almost Impossible."

We Joked for the rest of the time I was with her, We ran some Errands picking up food and Spoke to a Few Ponies in town...  Mainly Lyra... She seems to think a lot of weird things about Humans....  It felt Awkward to not try to correct her....  Fluttershy knew how hard it was for me

Eventually I had to leave but I promised Fluttershy that if Discord's Available in my next Visit to her I will try to get along with him.

 Fs Grin  "Thats all I could hope for... Now Have a Good Day Tim"

"Revert To Normal"
Time: 5:00 AM
Mood: Refreshed, Awake, Nervous.

I really Hope Flutters is Right about Discord....

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