Ninth. 11/2/2014

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Ninth. 11/2/2014

Post by CrescentStar{Digi} on Wed Feb 12, 2014 4:33 am

Another day.. *Sighs.* At least it was a little better.

Normal life: So Got some good and bad news, bad news is Alek threw away the receipt for the expensive knife and I'm still angry at him. Good news is that I got to see the rough sketch of a conbadge I commissioned back in FurFright.. I'm less POed right now.. Oh! I also have finally figured out Hearts of Iron 3! Took me a lot of years of coming back to the game to get over the overwhelmingness of it and now its a matter of refining how to play. I really do wish that there was a way to play with smaller nations without having to mess with Victoria 2..

Hypnosis: Third time doing.. I fell asleep. Try back later.

Tulpamancy: Digi didn't talk all day, it wasn't till late in the night he talked for a little. He told me he wasn't active because he noticed I was mad and didn't want to bother me till I cooled down. It was nice of him to do too.. I only had a little to interact with him, and I did try earlier before I did hypnosis to talk to him but it didn't work. Tomorrow might be better.

Thanks for reading.
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