Posty Two: Silly Filly Earphonys XDDDDD

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Posty Two: Silly Filly Earphonys XDDDDD

Post by Dapper[Twily]{Spike} on Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:01 pm

{Here I am one again to present the data.
File used: Pinkie Pie 2.0 Loop No BGM
Volume: 7 clicks up from bottom on an iPod Touch 4G 8GB
Loop Began: 12:16 AM
Loop Ended: Unknown (according to sleep level chart generated by this alarm clock app, it probably ended at ~2:10 AM. Her earbuds fell out sometime during her sleep, that's all we know.)
Sleep Quality (once again, provided by the app): 70%}

haaaiiii everypony
dis is my second journaly thingy

first thingys first... u know how i said i cant stand on two hoofsies? weeeeeeelll i still cants XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
but, i cann... twi and i set up triggers for dat so wen i say "foursies" i go on four hoofsies and wen i say "twosies" ill go on two hoofsies
ill have to be super duper careful if i start to really go pink during class XDDDDDD itd be super duper awkward if i was standing up and den i said "foursies" and den everypony saw me fall on four hoofsies XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD datd be sooooo siillly Toungue

twi and me started to sorta get in an argument... (my tulpey and i, i mean XD)
she thought i wasnt responsible or smart or anything because im pinky pie...
and i know i am inside... i know dat i can be super duper responsible if somepony needs me to be
sooooo i showed her i was smart by doing some tests in school and den doing super duper well on dem Big Grin
and den i showed her dat im not too responsible by not doing da homeworky i was supposed to do XDDDDD
{Eh, then again, when she was Twilight she still managed to avoid the responsibility of homework. Can't lose what you don't have...}
later on
twi apologied and said dat i actually am responsible and smarty after she looked into my mindy for a while
i still dunno how she lives in my mindy and just stares at all of da thingys so much xDDDDDD
{There's a lot of activity in here, Pinkie. Especially since your mind is changing.}
*giggles* i dunno Toungue

deres also... weeeellll...
its da 4th day im pinky now...
and dere are ponys out dere dat are already saying im a super duper good pinky
and... weeellll... i believe dem, but... still...
i just feel super duper weird about it
somepony even says im da bestest one (im not gonna say nameys on here because datd be mean of me)
its just...
ive only been me for four days
i mean..
im good, yeah
i shouldnt be cn as /dat/ good
i shouldnt be cn as da bestest alreadyyyyy
its like thinking spiky should really have replacyd rainbow dashy wen she was her for two minutes in da second season premierey episode Toungue (i cant remember dat too muchs though, i cant really remember muchs of wat happened wen i was discordied XDDDDDD)

its time for me to goesies over to school
ill c u all laters Big Grin

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