Fluttershy Hypnosis Journal #7

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Fluttershy Hypnosis Journal #7

Post by Hidden_Palace on Thu Feb 13, 2014 1:00 am

Feb 10th 1:02 AM
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Sorry guys before I begin, lately with work I have been unable to write all my experiences (Once every night)

On to the session
Upon waking this time into Fluttershy I came face to face with some Yellow and Red eyes.....


 UMad "My My a little jumpy? Fluttershy I thought you told me Tim would be here?...

"erm... well...."  So it sounds as if Discord hasn't been able to tell we've switched out.... "I guess Tim is running late Discord, He didn't tell me exactly when he'd be coming...."

 UMad  "Well then Maybe you should have told Dear Fluttershy when you'd be dropping in then shouldn't you?" 

He turned and glared at me with a devious grin....

"Uh... Oh..."

 UMad  "So, you're this new friend living in Fluttershy's Head now are you?"

"I wouldn't say living in her head, more like drop in for a visit..."

 UMad  "But this time unannounced?"

"I forgot to mention to Fluttershy I would be coming today at all Discord...."

 UMad "Well I hope you are Happy...."  *Poof to the Kitchen Table in Fluttershy's Cottage*  "We were just about to sit down for Tea when you so rudely dropped in..." 

"Rude?... Now wait a minute it's not like Fluttershy have a 100% Psychic connection here Discord, We both like our own Privacy...  and What Tea?..."   

 UMad *Snaps claw and Everything he claimed was there Appears*  " This Tea, So I guess We'll just have to split you and Fluttershy up for a bit..."

The next thing I know, Discord again snaps his claw and I end up Still being Fluttershy.... But I looked next to me... and another Fluttershy was sitting there.... not a mirror....

 Fs Huh  "Well I wasn't expecting this... Sorry Tim..."

"It's alright..."  I said, Realising it may have been Fluttershy's body but that was my Voice...

Discord Started Howling with Laughter...  Probably because of my voice coming out of Fluttershy...

Nevertheless Fluttershy wanted Discord and Herself to know me a little more....

So I told them some things about me, My Age, What I do for a living, and tried to explain what certain things like Cars, and Trucks, were because they'd never really heard of them....  or at least I think Discord knows...  I don't know if I want to ask... he may give me the run around then say the complete opposite...

Further on Discord had told me that later on... sometime further down the month...  He was spending a weekend at Fluttershy's.... which means there will be a good chance I will have my patience tested... ^^; 

Still it will be interesting...

While talking to Them both I also told them about how busy I am with my working Schedule...  I would try to keep having sessions but I will be recording in journals ones mainly from the weekends when I get enough Rest to be calm enough to achieve a longer deeper trance because I will be more relaxed.

We all agreed it'd be a good Idea.

But by that time I had to wake again... So Discord put us back together but not Before I finally got to Hug Fluttershy, It felt good to actually Hug her...  It's most likely going to be very Rare occasions that it will happen... I.E. Discord splitting us up...

After he put us back together I tried to be polite and say Bye to Discord as well despite his attempt to tell me to stick around...  He appaently had plans and gave me a list that was 18 pages long and waited until JUST NOW to bring it up.... So I asked him for a Raincheck....  He seemed......... Creepily enough content with that.... I don't know what he's thinking but I mentioned to Fluttershy to keep her eyes on his shenanigans...

"Revert to Normal"

Time: 5:45 AM

Mood: Refreshed, awake, Wanting to go back to bed...  Went to work lol

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Re: Fluttershy Hypnosis Journal #7

Post by Vergil on Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:38 pm

Another Amazing post, I can only imagine what meeting Discord would be like, I never had the opportunity myself. I'm not too charismatic so I dont think I'd have enough patience. Smile

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