Posty Number Three: settlying in :P

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Posty Number Three: settlying in :P

Post by Dapper[Twily]{Spike} on Thu Feb 13, 2014 10:27 am

{First off, data again from me.
File used: Pinkie Pie 2.0 Loop No BGM by Wishdream (currently Luna)
Volume: 6 clicks on an iPod Touch 4G model MC540LL/A
Loop Began: 2:09 AM
Loop Concluded: 6:00 AM
Sleep Quality: 34%}

haaaiii everypony :3
first off... yesterday at school ended off super duper fun :3 my journalism classy had a party :DDDDDDDDDDDD
i even took a piccy of myself to prove dat it was happening for some reason :P
sooooo, if u want to see it... u can find it riiight here -->
and den u can see me and my hideous human facey xP

aanyywayyss... hmmm...
i think my mindy did everything dat it could in a few sessionys :P da "cant walk" thingy, the super duper silly personality, da pinky identity (i actually have a hard time writing "Ricky Montalvo on my tests anymore; i always write pinkie pie veeeerryyy lightly in da lines of my namey :P"), and even some memories :D nooowwww the hard part comes in: da party where my mind den has to work super duper hard to finish off wat it started, aaallll da way up to imposition ;) i dunno how long dis will take, but i has to keep going even wen it looks like it wont happen. {I can tell it'll eventually work in due time and she will impose if she kept doing what she's doing, but I can't say when, and there's no telling what complications will lie ahead of us...}

last nigty was super duper silly
pinky and i were haveing a conversation :P
dats all im goonna say, see for urself, u silly filly:

i has to go now :<
ill see you aaaalll laterrrrs~ :3

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