Eleventh. 2/15/2014

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Eleventh. 2/15/2014

Post by CrescentStar{Digi} on Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:13 am

Eck, sorry I haven't posted the last couple days.. I've not felt well mentally.

Normal life: Gods.. the last few days have just been an uphill battle against my  mental problems. Fortunately the cliff is turning into a hill and I am getting better. Happy

Tulpamancy: I've been neglecting Digi the last couple days. I really feel bad for him because I'm trying to cope with my mental problems and leaving him at the waist side has made me lose the ability to hear him.

Hypnosis: Of course I've been neglecting hypnosis as well but I was able to figure out last night how to set it up on my ipad and loop it!! I set the blank mind followed by Twilight 3.0 loop. I dunno how long it was on for during my normal sleep but I heard my mate come in and noticed he didn't close the door so I turned it off. after I woke up slightly I decided to turn it back on, which I figured out how to get multiples of the same file by dumb luck so I set it for the mind wipe followed by 3 Twilight 3.0 loops ending with regular Twilight 3.0. I dunno if I went through the whole list or not but when I woke I just skipped to the end of the regular Twilight 3.0 and woke up.
Waking up was something interesting. I called myself twilight without thinking and my inner voice was hers. I didn't really feel anything out of the normal physically but there was a couple things I think were different with my mentality ..(Other then thinking my name is actually Twilight.) I dunno for sure. I was afraid to talk to myself to see but when I did make some noises with my voice I was doing it with a higher pitch then normal. I deactivated Twilight and got my normal inner voice back followed by reactivating it to get the same results. Welp after my mate went to bed I reactivated it and it worked for a wile but faded so I had to reactivate it again for it to work for a little more. I'm kinda afraid to talk with it active cause I dunno what its gunna sound like or if my mate will notice.  This is SO AWESOME!  Wub 

Thanks for reading.
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