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Who Is A Busy Pony

Post by DrGuthrie on Tue Feb 18, 2014 8:40 am

Hey guys I'm finally back with a journal post and I'm sorry it took so long my phone and my toilet had a disagreement and my phone decided to jump into the toilet...I'm joking. But this might be my only journal entries for awhile this week is going to be super busy for me so I might not even have time to do a hypno session but I will try.

Really not much has happened sense my last post I am still getting the full effects every night which I'm still a little spooked about the only things that at this moment are changing is when I am in trance I feel much more female, instead of have pony ears and seemed to hear from my normal ears even though they are not supposed to be there stop I'm starting to feel like I'm hearing from where I should be hearing from, and the triggers are growing increasingly more affective and faster although a lot of times I just go about the day without triggering to be back to normal and it doesn't seem like anyone has noticed.

Now finally with the dream it hasn't advanced any further yet but it does change a tad sometime I just sort of hang out on the cliff or I never even make it to the cliff like one time it started raining so I took shelter in the woods.

That's about it sorry there wasn't much to mention this time besides one thing but I am not sure if I am comfortable talking about that yet :$ sorry see you guys next time.

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