A wild Rman14 Appeared!

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A wild Rman14 Appeared!

Post by rman14[Puzzle] on Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:08 am

Hey, its Rman here! 
[And puzzle, his Tanuki Tulpae.]
[We have been soo inactive, that we don't wanna be!]

Achievement get: Oh god why?!?!
Achievement get: 1 person = 7 ponies
Achievement get: Fourm addiction 4
Achievement get: Yep: Notice a reference to a webcomic in a pony hypnosis thread.
PP-SQUISH DA FISH!: Kill the Cheep Cheep boss, as anypony.
PP-SQUISH DA FISH PRO! : Kill the Cheep Cheep boss, On the first try, As Anypony
The seventh hells with you! : Rage during the fourm downtime.
Insanity mode activated!: Witness your Pony's inanity mode while the fourms were down.
I can keep my cool... NO I CAAANT!!: Try to relax yourself, but fail.
"Split threadinalities." Your thread gets sheared in half!
"I learnt that from chuggaconroy!" : Make a very bad pun.
"Oh my!": Your tulpae has controlled you once.
"How do i control myself?!"
Luckiest mare alive. First time using RBD and i felt the wings <3
 Somepony did this amazing art work of my ponysona , So here:
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