fifteenth. 19/2/2014

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fifteenth. 19/2/2014

Post by CrescentStar{Digi} on Thu Feb 20, 2014 5:07 am

*Insert intro here.*

Normal: Sleep.. lots and lots of sleep.

Tulpamancy: More sleep then that.

Hypnosis: I listened to one track today. I kinda fell asleep halfway through, I noticed though that my body started laying more pony like over my normal way of resting. After the track I opened my eyes to look down out at my new hooves. My hands were positioned in the proper way I saw peach hooves! Sadly this was broke by the rising heat under my blankets so I had to get up to turn my fan on. But for the few moments I saw my hooves I was soo happy!

Sorry it wasn't put well together today. Thanks for reading.
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