Fluttershy Hypnosis Journal #8

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Fluttershy Hypnosis Journal #8

Post by Hidden_Palace on Thu Feb 20, 2014 6:41 pm

Date: Feb 20th
Time: 1:00 AM
Mood: Sleepy, Sick with a cold,
Triggered by: Fluttershy-3.0a-edited

Upon waking up I was greeted again by The sight of Fluttershy staring back at me in her mirror.
 Fs Smug "My you're running a little thin on visits lately...  Why haven't you been around?"

I had been mentioning specific things mainly work Related which hindered my ability to keep a calm head we've been caught in a busy Week this month...
She didn't understand what I meant when I said what I did at work... again Fluttershy doesn't really know what a Truck is...

 Fs Wince "Your voice sounds a little strained...  are you feeling well?"

"Actually to be honest I think I caught a Cold that my Father has right now too."

  Fs Grin  "Well alright then, I trust you... but you better be taking good care of yourself... or so help me..." 
I know she was joking so I laughed, then had a bit of a coughing fit....  Fluttershy's Cough's actually sound quite quiet even for a Cough.... you can barely hear it...

Nevertheless The talking stopped as I walked away from the Mirror, since I have stopped recording Every single session it's been easier to Form a bit of a Bond with Fluttershy and start to feel one with her...  It's not 100% on the money but for me It's fine... and I keep trying to induce the sensation so Maybe I'll reach the full experience...

Anyway...  As I walked through Ponyville I was to pick up Specific Items on Fluttershy's Grocery List... she had a Saddlebag full of bits and a Bigger Saddlebag on the other side to hold the Items....  Okay seems simple enough...

I gotta say the Saddlebag despite having one large Pouch and a Small Pouch it was surprisingly a lot heavier than I anticipated....  I wondered how Strong Fluttershy really is...

While in the Market I had picked up a Box of Ripe Cherries, Apples, Lettuce and Carrots for Angel, some bread, and Bagels. Bird seed, and Honey.

I ended up Getting a Big Jar of Honey for her since I know it wasn't really for her...  Fs Wink

 By the time I had managed to finish Grocery Shopping as well as Have a Chat with Rarity who was out shopping as Well...

I found out Rarity's planning a bit of a Trip to see some friends of hers in Manehatten again soon.

I told her "I wish I could go... But I wouldn't want to intrude... besides...  I'm... not too keen on big cities you know that...

Yeah Fluttershy didn't have to say that.... cause even with me it's true....  A City like Toronto Scares the You know what out of me....

 Big Grin "It would have been very pleasant if you could come Darling but unfortunately I agree these friends do not know you and I wouldn't want to Presume on a friendship... it's not polite,  However if you would Like I could mention you?"

"Well....  I suppose, I mean It wouldn't hurt to make some friends in the city."

After we went our Seperate ways it had dawned on me... I spent a long time here....  After I got back to the cottage I unpacked everything and noticed it was 6:25 AM.... I was Really running late for Work....

I apologised to Fluttershy and explained as quick as I could Why I had to go...  She didn't seem upset.

 Fs Shy "Will you be back tomorrow?"

"Of Course I will... I love spending time with you."

 Fs Yay  "Oh! Thank you So Much!  Well you have yourself a Good day and I really hope things go well."

"Revert to Normal"
Time:6:25 AM
Mood: Refreshed, Awake, Sickly, Panicky (Almost late for Work)

On a Side note to those who have read and enjoyed some of my Journals feel free to share your two cents ^^

I'm not able to be around much so I try to be around and either write my Journals or Talk to Pe- err...  Ponies ^^

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Re: Fluttershy Hypnosis Journal #8

Post by Vergil on Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:41 pm


I've greatly enjoyed reading your journals up to this point, Its so inspiring and gives me a wonderful feeling reading your experiences. Its so sweet. I greatly look forward to seeing more of your experiences!! Its wonderful to meet you by the way. My name is Vergil.

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