Seventeenth. 21/2/2014

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Seventeenth. 21/2/2014

Post by CrescentStar{Digi} on Sat Feb 22, 2014 6:32 am

Hey everypony! Time for another late update!

Normal: Had a somewhat boring day today but it got better when I hung out with some ponies on SL.

Hypnosis: Didn't listen to anything but something interesting happened to me today. I went to shut the light off in my main room because the sun started to come up. I noticed my shadow and how it didn't have my pony ears wile I flipped the switch. Well walking back I was getting false memories of seeing my pony ears in the shadow. Quite interesting.

Tulpamancy: Ohgods another big one! Digi was more active today as I forced him wile playing my game. He helped me play a couple of them by pointing out things I normally wouldn't catch. Later on, he was with us ponies in SL wile we played monopoly and I let him play (Asking him what he wanted or just listening to him as he told me what he wanted. He did really good in the game for a first timer. Sadly at the end of this my head was pounding! My head hurts so bad when I active force, its horribad but worth it.

Thanks for reading!
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