posty fivey: betterer effectys

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posty fivey: betterer effectys

Post by Dapper[Twily]{Spike} on Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:15 pm

{Alright, so Pinkie's cooled down after a few days, and so we're cool with being back again.}

dis morning
after my loop
when i woke up
when i triggered ins and watnot
aaaand i kneww i had one and eeverythinggg
but i couldnt see it in the mirror
da mirror is suuuch a silly filly Toungue
aaand i felt my soft, deeliicous maney
and finally, when i thought about how i looked like, i saw myself as pinky in my mind Toungue
sooooo dats all with mes
im getting my sitey back up Toungue but noooow im gonna make it look all super duper nicey and watnot :3

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